Best New Slot Game Releases August 2017

Another month, another slot round-up! When we’re not busy cranking up the air-conditioning, we are on the hunt for new games that have been released or are about to be released this month. Here are a few titles to watch out for this August.


Oink Country Love

The sun is high, the corn is ripening on the stalk and love is in the air! At least it is on the Oink Country Love slot, where our two protagonists Chancho and Willie vie for the attentions of Miss Southern Charm, an alluring lady pig who lives in the barnyard with them.

The boys each play an instrument and other barnyard critters also feature on the reels. The slot has 5 reels and 45 paylines, as well as a number of features. This colourful slot is sure to transport you to out to the countryside and fair pastures, where the lovelorn croons of livestock whisper on the breeze.


It’s been an emoji sort of summer all round, thanks to a number of emoji-related slot releases and the emoji movie that was recently released to theatres. Microgaming got on the smiley-face bandwagon too, releasing the Emoticoins slot game this month.

The backstory for this is interesting. Emoticoins began as an idea from a pair of Microgaming staff members, who participated in a company-wide competition to find the next big slot concept.

The result is a colourful and engaging romp through the realm of yellow emotion avatars, which have so profoundly affected the way we communicate with one another. It features two new wilds features and a host of familiar faces.

Pragmatic Play

Jurassic Giants

Step into a world of hulking beasts, killer carnivores and astoundingly attractive cave women. Pragmatic Play transports players back in time, to an era when being a human meant hanging around somewhere in the middle of the food chain and there were plenty of things out there willing to eat you.

This slot takes a 4×6 format, one we’re not used to seeing all that much. It also has a whopping 4096 ways to win, which pay out in both directions, so we’re sure players are quite happy to give this one a spin.


Sticky Bandits

It’s hot, it’s dusty and there’s a runaway train to rob! Sticky Bandits is bringing that Wild West thrill to an internet capable device near you as Quickspin cranks up the heat with this summer release.

This pair of fearless bandidos will stop at nothing to claim their loot. Free spins are easy to trigger, with a number of symbols unlocking those juicy spins. Trains, sticks of dynamite and fat bags of cash feature on the reels and the massive wild symbols are the perfect representation of the care and attention to detail that has gone into the design and execution of this game.

Goldilocks and the Wild Bears

Ok, so this slot isn’t technically an August launch but we think it’s worth talking about anyway. The first version of this slot was released back in 2014 but Quickspin thought it had enough potential to take another swing at. We must say, that was a great idea!

The mischievous miss is back, creating havoc in this gorgeously rendered slot. The animation and sound combination are great, really taking the player into this fairytale world and looking fantastic while doing so. A heap of features also make this an exciting game that has the capacity to surprise and reward at every corner.



Another emoji-related slot, this time from game production giant NetEnt! EmojiPlanet is one of the most anticipated slot releases of the summer and we can see why.

Check out the slick animations and the interesting format – the preview video shows a 5×6 layout that’s packed with those familiar yellow faces, slices of pizza, exploding bombs and more.

Time will tell what this slot will be like for players, as it is scheduled to be released on the 23rd August. Till then, we have the following video to go on.