Casino Heroes Introduces a New Island!

Welcome to the Rock of Riches!

The adventure continues in Hero Islands as Casino Heroes recently introduced their newest and maybe most exciting island, Rock of Riches. Filled with a rich backstory of being overtaken by Unibetser and his pet panther, Casumbo, players will find themselves embarking on a thrilling adventure in a new exciting environment.

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Rock of Riches

The King along with all the Heroes have been occupied with fighting Betser in quest of the the crown. So occupied that they have not noticed the mischievous acts that have taken place on one of the other Hero Islands. Rock of Riches, the island which pumps all the kingdoms riches, has been invaded and overtaken by one of the King’s biggest enemies, Unibetser!

Rock of Riches has been invaded by Unibetser and his pet Casumbo!

The King can now only hope for the support from the Island Heroes to retrieve the Island of Riches. The Heroes will have to take down Unibetser’s minions one by one to ultimately take down the thieving invader himself, Unibetser, and his pet panther, Casumbo.

Join the adventure in retrieving Rock of Riches!