Casumo’s Casino Christmas Calendar 2014

Christmas Calendar 2014

iPhone 6’s to everybody who completes the Casumo Challenge

iPhone 6

It’s Christmas time at Casumo and they have arranged a super fun challenge where everybody who completes it will receive a iPhone 6! This is not some kind of lottery but every player who completes the challenge will receive an iPhone 6, no questions asked.

This is how it works: There are 28 challenges. You start with the first challenge which is “Log onto Casumo during December 2014”. Once you’ve done that you are on your way. The second challenge is to play 50 spins on any video slot. After you’ve completed that you move on to the next challenge.

The further you get, the more rewards you will receive. For example some challenges will reward you with tickets to a draw where you can win €1000 in cash or an iPad. On the way you’ll also receive other rewards and free cash.

If you haven’t got an account at Casumo yet then you can take part in their super welcome package. There are several different packages to choose from depending on which country you are from.


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