Erik the Red: New online slot by Relax Gaming out next week

Superficially, a Norse explorer who died over 1,000 years ago and the bright, glittering lights of modern online slot games don’t seem to have a lot in common. However, Estonian platform Relax Gaming have decided it’s time to unite these oh-so-different worlds, and are releasing a brand new slot game: Erik the Red.

Named for a Norwegian Viking who legend claims was the first to settle Greenland (though popular history tends to credit this accolade to his son, Leif, which must have made for quite the father/son “but why didn’t you tell them I did it?” dispute in Valhalla), Erik the Red is an intriguing slot that has plenty to offer players who are looking for something new and exciting as part of their gaming experience.

The premise of Erik the Red

The premise of Erik the Red is fairly simple. Players follow Erik and his wife Helga as they search for new lands to conquer, along with their horde of Viking accomplices. The game is illustrated with fairly-historically-accurate depictions of Erik himself.

Players join the action with the Vikings lost after a “heavy night” of what one presumes to be too much mead; the horde are lost, there seems to be no hope, and then, a miracle. Erik spots Greenland hovering in the distance and claims it as his own, and players join the Vikings as they seek to create the first settlement in Greenland. The latter detail shows Relax Gaming have clearly done their homework with this slot, choosing Erik rather than his more-famous son as their pioneer; one can only imagine such a choice has brought a few, contented sighs from Erik himself. (“I told you so, son. Someone gets it.”).

Playing Erik the Red

So, what’s the gaming experience like? Incredibly engaging. The game takes place on the ultimate Viking image, the longboat, and everything moves smoothly in order to ensure a truly immersive experience throughout. If you’ve previously tired of games that lag, or pixelated graphics, then Erik the Red shouldn’t pose the same problems.  

The play is seamless and simple, easy to understand even for those new to online slots, and the game looks truly impressive throughout both normal play and the bonus rounds. The 3D icons look fantastic, the colours are rich and deep, and it’s clear that a lot of work has gone into creating a design truly capable of evoking a true sense of the Viking world.

Erik the Red features

The slot is a fairly classic 5 x 4 reel set, but there’s plenty of extra surprises along the way. Here’s a quick overview of what players can look forward to:

  • A bonus round
  • Free spins rounds
  • Autoplay and Instant Play
  • Wild Symbol
  • Video Slots
  • Hold
  • Scatter Symbols…
  • … and plenty more besides.

It’s also reassuring to know that the slot is suitable for mobile gaming, allowing players the opportunity to settle a new country from the comfort of their mobile device. The mobile version of the game plays identically to the standard version – which cannot be said for all slots – and, provided players have a decent internet connection, makes for just as pleasant an experience.

All in all, the features and functionality of Erik the Red can’t be faulted, and even experienced slot players should find the slot pleasantly innovative and interesting. There’s plenty of interactivity options available, including the flawlessly designed bonus round, and immersive extras to keep an eye on – all of which ensures this slot is definitely worth giving a try when it finally makes it way to online casinos. Speaking of which…

Erik the Red release date

Erik the Red is due for release on October 2nd, so keep an eye out at your favourite online casino to see when it becomes available. A demo version is available on YouTube if you wish to check it out in the meantime.

In conclusion

There’s a lot of fun to be had playing this slot, and there’s no doubt Relax Gaming have put a huge amount of effort into the project.

Simon Hammon, the CPO of Relax Gaming, said of the slot: “Erik the Red is the perfect game to spearhead the launch of our anticipated video slots portfolio, featuring larger-than-life characters and gameplay both each to pick up for new slots fans and engaging for veteran players.”

Our take? Hammon’s completely correct. Erik the Red is a well designed, easy to play slot that features everything players could possibly want from an online slot. The choice of Erik at the helm should be particularly well-received, and one wonders if Relax Gaming will offer a follow-up in future to honour didn’t-actually-discover-Greenland-his-Dad-did Leif. After all, Leif did discover North America; quite the impressive family, the er… Reds (?) were, and now you can follow in the footsteps of Papa Red with this impressive online slot from Relax Gaming.

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