Fight for prizes in the new Voodoo Dreams Casino Duels!

For a slots enthusiast, it can sometimes feel like this exciting activity is missing something. If you think that something might be a healthy dose of competition, then Voodoo Dreams has just launched a feature that we know you’ll love. Let’s find out exactly what a Casino Duel is and how you can participate.

Cast your spells in a Casino Duel

Voodoo Dreams is home to an innovative and interesting theme, that of the exciting realm of spells and witchcraft. Players are invited to wield their wands and duel other Voodoo Dreams players in pursuit of a reward.

The best part about the Casino Duels is that they are completely free. Play your favourite games as usual, setting the bet level, coin value and so on, without interruption. Once you launch the Duel feature, you will automatically be paired with another player.

At this point, you will notice a new sidebar appearing on the left of your screen. Here, you will see your Health Points and those of your opponent, a timer (each duel lasts 10 minutes) and a spin counter.

Win your Casino Duel

Your objective is to do as much HP damage to your opponent as possible. Win money on a spin and their HP takes a hit. If you lose money on a spin, your own HP will go down.

The amount of HP dealt or sustained depends on the mode you choose. Defensive, for example, will deal or result in a 100HP change. Rage mode, on the other hand, means a shift in 1,500HP and is not for the faint of heart. You can change the duel settings at any point during the challenge.

Landing several HP hits in a row will boost your impact by 25%, thanks to the Combo bonus.

The winner is the player with the highest HP at the end of the 10-minute duel. The prize is a large some of SP, or Spirit Points, which allow the player to cast spells and claim free spins or cash bonuses.

Play at Voodoo Dreams

It’s not just the Duels that draw players to Voodoo Dreams. The Spells structure makes playing casino games here even more exciting, as there are additional prizes to work towards. The site itself is easy to navigate, has an eye-catching colour scheme and engaging overall theme.

The Voodoo Dreams welcome bonus is also very attractive to players. Receive 20 no deposit spins when you sign up and a 100% match on your first deposit, up to €100. Players will also receive 20 free spins a day, for 9 consecutive days, after they make their first deposit.