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How to avoid playing at a loss

How to avoid playing at a loss

With gambling gaining increasing popularity over recent years, thanks to casinos moving both online and on the go on your smartphone or tablet, players now have access to plenty more online casino games than ever before. In fact, mobile casinos are even increasing their mobile casino portfolio, so as to provide players with more choice.

Although some players play for fun, some do actually play to win. With the house edge adding a damper on things, some players are not cashing in on the best available bonuses. It could be either because they did not opt for a casino that best suits their needs and tastes or else, they sign up by error, make a deposit and realise that the wagering requirements are too high.

In the end, it could all prove very costly and cashing out any potential winnings is almost impossible. Since new casinos keep popping up all the time, it is important that you do your research so as to ensure a good deal. Remember, that competition out there is rife, and every casino is trying its best to get you to sign up.

Since casino bonuses are one of the most integral parts of gambling, it is still important that you compare welcome bonuses from various casinos and to check their terms and conditions. Even though deposit bonuses are essentially free money, it is still important not to go after big bonuses but that you check the wagering requirements of each bonus to see if you are likely to make a cash withdrawal should you win a lump sum of money.

That being said, you also need to be aware that some casino games such as table games contribute a smaller percentage than slot games towards the wagering requirements. This is due to the fact that in the past, gamblers used to abuse casino bonuses by playing table games.

What you need to know when gambling online?

Casino slots

I think this is important for you to remember since there are many things that affect whether you will win or lose, and which will put you at a loss.

We all have had dreams of hitting the jackpot and perhaps buying our own personal mansion and travel abroad all the time but even though movies make gambling look appealing, you need to remember the next couple of things:

The house always has an advantage

Regardless of what casino games you are playing, the casino will always have the edge. No matter how much Lady Luck is smiling at you, the casino is always bound to make money from your bets. You need to keep in mind, that when you are starting a gambling session, the casino will always have an upper hand in these casino games.

Luck plays a pivotal role

You do have to rely on your good luck in order to achieve wins. Contrary to what some websites say, luck has a major role in the outcome of your slot spin, the cards you get in table games and much more.

To stress on our previous point, there are still some ways to lower the house edge slightly, but you need to play smart by extending your bankroll and time as possible and only luck can do this for you.

Set a loss limit

We stress this repeatedly, but you need to have a bankroll in place before sitting down to gamble. Most importantly, have a loss limit. A loss limit is a sum of money you are willing to lose. Imagine you have £100 to play but you are only comfortable losing £50. Once you have lost £50, sign out of your casino account, and walk away.

This ensures that you don’t go chasing after your losses and gives you better self-control. One must remember that gambling is not a great way to make money, but rather it is mostly for entertainment purposes.

Even if you are playing at a brick and mortar casino, take some cash with you, and no cards and set yourself some boundaries. If you are not comfortable losing the entire bankroll, don’t or you’ll live to regret it.

Winning streaks don’t last

Regardless of your gut feeling, even if you have won a lump sum of money, there is no way it will continue. Eventually it will come to an end, and you will kick yourself on why you let those winnings slip away from your fingers in the first place.

Lastly, it is important to look at Rewards and VIP programmes at online casinos. Although some people go bonus hunting, jumping from one casino to another, sometimes sticking to a few, helps. These programmes cost you nothing to join and the more you play, the more you will receive benefits and rewards.

Rewards include bonus cash, free spins offers, free holidays, meals, all the works. You are always ready spending money to play your favourite casino games, you might as well take the opportunity to sign up to these programmes.

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