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Factors to consider when using social media to sign up to casinos

Factors to consider when using social media to sign up to casinos

If you are internet savvy, you have probably spent quite a bit of time on your favourite social networks. Whether you are scrolling through your Facebook feed, looking at pictures on Instagram or posting a tweet on Twitter, social media has become an integral part of everyday life for some.

It comes as no surprise then that many online casinos are offering you the chance to sign up through your social network account, essentially removing the hassle of inputting your details upon registration.

Although some people might prefer to keep their social media account details separate from their casino ones, many others prefer to save time on the tedious process of signing up by combining the two.

Today we will be highlighting the benefits and disadvantages of signing up to casinos using your social media details.

Social Media Casino Sign-ups: The benefits

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One of the biggest advantages of using your social media details to register for a new online casino account, is the fact that you have the benefit of sharing your experience of a casino with ease.

Regardless of whether you want to share your big wins or not, you have the opportunity to post on your preferred social media without any difficulty. So, whether you want to promote your favourite slot game or tell your friends about an exciting promotion, your details are already connected.

Fewer passwords to remember

This is probably a deal breaker but many of us struggle to remember the numerous passwords to various websites. Of course, using social media to register means you have one password less to remember.

Logging into your account is also a doddle. You can choose to log in using your Twitter, Google Plus or Facebook account. Click on the button and the casino and social media network of choice do all the work for you.

Social Media Casino Sign-ups: The downside

No distinction between social media and gambling

It is always great to spare yourself the hassle of remembering another password, and yes, the ease of access is convenient, but one negative factor is the fact that the casino you have signed up to, now also has your social media details.

This is never ideal as you would rather keep your online gambling life separate from your social one. You never know what would happen if such details fell in the wrong hands. Would they post a social update without your permission or start to target you with more gambling adverts on a regular basis?

Loss of login details

Yes, it’s appropriate to have one password, but what if you decide to create a new account? There is always the risk of your social media profile being deleted, blocked or worse, hacked, and if that happens you won’t be able to log into your casino account.

This, of course, leads to loss of players for the casino and you would have to sign up from scratch. You might be able to recover your previous casino cash if you provide your personal information to the casino again, but obviously, there are no guarantees.

Tips and tricks on social media signups

Do your research

This goes without saying but when you are signing up for an account to a new casino, do your research, before you proceed to provide your personal and financial information willy-nilly. Read casino reviews and most importantly, sign up to the best online casinos available at Gambling Metropolis.

You should know by now, that if a casino is listed on here, then they have undergone our rigorous tests before being deemed safe and trustworthy.

If you are not quite sure where to start, you can always take advantage of no deposit bonus offers or else to try out some slot games for free.

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