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Live Casino etiquette: How to behave when playing live dealer games

Live Casino etiquette: How to behave when playing live dealer games

When you are playing online casinos, anything goes. You can log into your account without having to get dressed up or knowing the rules. Thanks to modern technology, it automatically prevents you from making any illegal bets or from distracting other players.

Live casinos, on the other hand, can be a tad overwhelming especially to newbies. Either way, it is best to be well versed in the art of live casino etiquette.  Live casinos bring you closer to the real deal so it’s always best to know how to behave to avoid any faux pas.

Follow our tips and tricks to make sure you’re on your best behaviour at Live Casinos.

Know the rules of the game

Prior to sitting down at a live dealer game, ensure that you are familiar with the game rules of the game. If you are unsure how a game is played, it would be best to try your hand at regular automated table games at an online casino.

These give you the opportunity to play at your own pace or to try them out for free before you play with real money.

Although live casino dealers can occasionally take the time to explain the table games available, more often than not, they won’t as they are too busy and have strict time schedules to adhere to.

Taking a seat at a table

Since tables have minimum and maximum bets, you need to find a table that fits our budget. It is pointless sitting at a table if you can’t afford to make bets. You are taking another person’s spot.

At casinos, they usually have various tables for all types of budgets. Keep in mind, that seats are there for players and if you have no intention of playing, you should not sit at a table. You might be asked to leave especially if the seat is required.

Don’t drink too much

Sure, if you want to have a couple of drinks, go ahead but make sure you’re in control. Drinking too much can lead to poor decisions or berating live dealers and other players.

Be nice to the dealer

Although the dealer is the face of the casino, you have no reason to be rude or to use him/her as a metaphorical punching bag. Always be cordial and thank the dealer both when you sit at the table or when you leave it.

Keep in mind that the dealer must follow rules and regulations. You can’t ask him or her to go faster or to provide you with more time to place a bet.

Sometimes you will suffer a losing streak. This is no excuse to take it out on the dealer.

Be nice to other players

When you are playing live dealer games, it’s not just the dealer you are dealing with, but also other players, especially in chat rooms. You might want to interact with other players sitting at your table through the chat window.

It is important you are nice to fellow players, since they are also there to have a good time and for the chance to win some money.

When you are chatting with other players, don’t reveal cards, especially if you are playing games such as poker. Additionally, don’t ask for tips or provide your opinion on their gaming techniques.

The good news when you are playing online is that there are no dealers to tip and most of the time you can enjoy your own company without being distracted by others. There is a certain degree of independence when you are playing at live casinos.

Even if you have had a bad session, there is no reason to take it out on the dealer or customer support staff as they are there to help you, not to deal with your frustration. In some case, it has been known for customer support to provide you with additional bonuses as gestures of goodwill.

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