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online blackjack
Small bets vs big bets at online casinos

Small bets vs big bets at online casinos

Whether you prefer to make small bets or big bets, it doesn’t make a difference when you are gambling online, since casinos use the services of a Random Number Generator. An RNG ultimately keeps on generating numbers in the same proportions, guaranteeing randomness.

Whether you have been spinning the reels for the past 2 hours or maybe, the last 5 minutes, it does not make a difference when you are gambling online, because the odds stay the same and don’t change regardless of past spins or results.

However, there are still casino players who ask whether online slots change their results depending on whether you bet more or not.

Let us cover some basics before we answer this question!

How easy is it to win at online casino games?

Although some online casino games require an element of skill, let’s be honest, it all comes down to luck.

What players need to be aware of, is that every online casino game and bet has a probability of you striking a win. The payout of any bet you make is paid at lower odds than the ones winning it.

This is how probability works in online casino games. Imagine you are rolling a die that has six sides. The probability of you rolling say, 1, is 1 out of 6. You are presented with six possible outcomes, but there is only one probability that will achieve the desired outcome.

Now for the complicated part. Probabilities are expressed in a number of ways, including percentages, odds as well as fractions.

If you want to express the same example in odds, you need to look at it this way. There are 5 numbers that aren’t a one on the die and only a single option that is a 1. Therefore, the odds of you winning are 5:1.

Now let’s look at it from an online casino perspective.  Let’s imagine that your online casino of choice has asked you to choose a number and to get paid 5:1 if you guess correctly. Let ’s also assume that you are placing bets of £100 every time you roll out the die. You will win £400 once, but you are bound to lose £500.

Your net loss stands at £100. If you are an experienced gambler, you know that in the long run, the house edge will always get you. The higher the house edge is on a casino game, the more you are likely to lose. Also, the longer you play, the higher the house edge is.

Based on this knowledge, you know that regardless of your bet size, it doesn’t make a difference since the house edge, odds and the RNG have a big role to play in the result of your bet.

Bigger bets on online slots

Let’s look at betting on online slots. One of the most common beliefs is that the higher a denomination game is the higher the payback percentages. What it does, in reality, is add a bigger set of numbers to the random number generator.

When you bet more on a game, it does not change the RNG number set. If anything, it will continue to generate numbers in the same proportion, regardless of whether you are cover 5 or 20 paylines at one coin per line.

At the same time, the percentage of the winning combinations also does not alter as long as you are playing. This is why we insist that past spins on an online slot do not mean there is a win on the horizon. Ultimately, every spin on an online slot stands the same chance as the next one and the next one.

There is one slight element of truth to making bigger bets though. Betting the maximum results in higher payback percentages.

Should you or shouldn’t you bet big?

This depends on your preference and casino game of choice. Granted that if you are playing an online slot, it does not make a difference when it comes to bet size since your spins carry the same probability and odds.

Now if you are playing a game of skill, you have some control to some extent on the outcome.  One thing you need to keep in mind though, that any big winning streak is usually down to statistics and nothing to do with your bet size. If anything, luck has a pivotal role.

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