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Online bingo: How to play bingo

Online bingo: How to play bingo

Potentially one of the simplest games available online and with a long history attached to it, the game of bingo is a much-loved game both in bingo halls and online. Some players make a night out of their bingo nights, while others prefer to play online since it is fast-paced, and then there’s the players that combine the two and enjoy their online bingo nights in the comfort of their own home.

There are benefits to either method, but if you prefer to play online, you don’t even need to pay attention to the numbers being called out, as the numbers will be automatically daubed as they are called out, meaning you don’t have to frantically search for numbers and can also make sure you don’t miss out on any winnings. Read on to learn more about the exciting game of bingo.

How do I sign up to an online bingo site?

If you are looking to play your favourite game of bingo online, the process is fairly simple. You only need to sign up for an account and make a real-money deposit. Some bingo sites are generous with their deposit offers, even offering up to 7 days of free bingo to newbies.

During those 7 days, new players will have the opportunity to play free bingo and win cash prizes.  This will provide you with the opportunity to get used to online bingo and to chat with other players. Most importantly, you won’t have to risk any of your funds when you are playing free bingo.

Once you are ready to play with real money, just pick a bingo game out of an array of options available. The good news is that many online bingo sites have an extensive list of bingo rooms with different games, ticket prizes and so on. Some bingo rooms have tickets at a low sum, while others are a little higher. The prizes vary from one room to another.

It is always best recommended that you pick a bingo room that best suits your budget, the bingo variant you prefer and the bingo ticket prizes.

What different types of online bingo games are available?

There are too many types of bingo games available online, so we will only be highlighting the most prominent ones. There are only subtle differences between one game and the other.

30-Ball Bingo

Better known as speedy bingo, this fast-paced bingo game uses a total of 30 balls in play. You can quickly see why it is fast-paced. It is not quite as common online, but when it’s available, you can rest assured bingo players will flock to it, since a round is played quickly.

The bingo tickets for this game have a total of 9 numbers, filling a squarish-grid of 3 x 3. There is only one cash prize up for grabs and it is awarded to the first player to successfully mark all matching numbers off their bingo tickets.

75-Ball Bingo

Bingo tickets for this game have numbers spread over 5 columns and 5 rows totalling to 25 squares. The center square is left blank while the remaining 24 slots each have a number.  You will also spot the word Bingo written at the top of your bingo ticket. Each letter of the word Bingo represents a range of numbers.

The letter B covers numbers between 1 and 15 while I covers between 16 and 35, and so on and so forth.

In order to win the game of 75-ball bingo, you would have to mark off any completed lines, be it vertically, horizontally or diagonally.  Since this game is available in different variations, it is always best to read the rules and regulations of the game before kicking off.

80-Ball bingo

This bingo variant was created specifically to be played at online bingo sites and it’s been superbly popular since the start. The bingo tickets for this game have a 4 x 4 setup, totalling to 16 numbers.

Just like the game of 75-Ball bingo, the cards are laid out displaying ranges of numbers. The first column would only display numbers between 1 and 20, while the second row would highlight numbers between 21 and 40, etc.

Patterns will vary from one game to the next. The most common pattern though are verticals, horizontals and corners.

90-Ball bingo

90-ball bingo is also a widely popular bingo game and available at most online bingo sites. Similarly, it is also available in different variations. Since there are more bingo balls in play here, the game is slightly more complicated than the others, since it is played over 3 rounds.

The bingo ticket for this game entails 15 numbers with 5 numbers spread over three rows. The first round is won by the player who successfully completes a horizontal line, while the second round is won by the first player who completes 2 horizontal lines and the largest prize is won by the player who daubs off all the numbers on the card first.

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