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Online bingo: What are the rules of bingo?

Online bingo: What are the rules of bingo?

Online bingo has always been popular but in recent years, it has exploded online, becoming increasingly popular at plenty of online casinos. Bingo lovers no longer have to go to bingo halls. Instead they can now join hundreds of players online to play their favourite game of online bingo.

Let’s do a quick recap of the bingo games available.  In general, there are three prominent variants of bingo games that are increasingly popular amongst players: 75-ball, 80-ball and 90-ball bingo. Since these games are played out at a faster rate than at bingo halls, players are now flocking online to play their favourite variant of online bingo.

If you don’t know how online bingo works, let’s give you a quick overview. First you sign up for an account, claim your welcome deposit bonus, purchase as many bingo tickets as you wish at your selected bingo room and you are good to go.

Your bingo ticket will have a specific amount of numbers depending on which bingo variant you are playing. If you are playing 75-ball, your ticket will have 24 numbers and 15 numbers if you are playing 90-ball bingo.

75-Ball Bingo

Probably one of the most popular variations, 75-Ball Bingo has a total of 75 bingo balls. Players must purchase bingo tickets with a 5 x 5 grid with a total of 24 numbers to mark off.

80-Ball Bingo

The bingo ticket of 80-Ball Bingo is built over 4 rows and 4 columns featuring 16 squares. Numbers between 1 and 80 can be called out during this bingo game.

90-Ball Bingo

With a total of 27 numbers on your bingo ticket, 90-Ball Bingo has a more interesting concept compared to its predecessors. You have 15 numbers to mark off your bingo ticket.

You can learn more about the basics of bingo games here.

What are the rules of online bingo?

Since bingo is a fairly simple game to learn, the rules are incredibly easy to understand, regardless of whether you are playing online or at a bingo hall. There are three main ways to win in the game of bingo:

  • One line: Daub off a horizontal line of numbers
  • Two line: Mark off 2 horizontal lines of numbers
  • Full house: Daub all numbers on your bingo ticket

Since a player can have numerous bingo tickets for any round of bingo, the greatest advantage of playing online is that numbers are automatically marked off for you. When you are playing at a bingo hall, you would have to actively search for the numbers on your bingo cards yourself, whilst at the same time, trying to keep up with the caller who is calling out more bingo numbers.

One thing you should be aware though, is that you should never assume that the rules of bingo are the same for every bingo site or game. Many bingo sites tend to adopt their own set of rules and add their own features to keep things a little more interesting.

When you join a new bingo room, check the terms and regulations to make sure that you have a full overview of how the game is played. Rules can affect your gameplay considerably and increase or decrease your chances of winning and adapting to these rules can do just that.

Remember that rules can vary from one bingo room to another so ensure you know what you are playing and the rules before buying bingo tickets.

There are plenty of reasons why online bingo is better when compared to bingo halls. For starters, the bingo cards are a lot more cost-effective than physical cards. Since bingo halls must pay for the printing of bingo cards, salaries for their staff and so on and so forth, online bingo makes sure to transfer those costs into providing players with various bonus offers.

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