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Online lottery betting: Tips and strategies to try out

Online lottery betting: Tips and strategies to try out

Just like most casino games, players all over the world have tried their hand at a strategy with the aim of increasing their odds and chances of winning. There is, of course, no guarantee of winning or a way to boost your chances when it comes to online lottery betting.

However, we have compiled 5 tried and tested lottery strategies that players have tried with the aim of winning.

5 strategies that improve your odds in online lottery betting

Quick pick or your own numbers

Some people believe they have ‘lucky’ numbers that can help them win, while others prefer using Quick Pick, a feature that picks at random numbers to play. So which method is best? It doesn’t really matter as some players will eventually learn that using their own set of ‘lucky’ numbers doesn’t lead to success, and in the end, people tend to settle for Quick Pick.

Purchase more than one ticket

This makes a lot of sense. The more tickets you have, the better the chances of winning. In fact, many people form a pool of relatives and each chip in to buy a certain amount of lotto tickets. It is a very cost-effective method whilst also improving your odds.

Granted that if you win, you would have to share your winnings with the other persons in the pool, it is still better than nothing.

Pick the right online lottery game

Some online lotteries have better odds than others. Some just have abysmal odds and are not worth your time.  Online lotteries with slightly better odds include Australian lotto games and Spanish lotteries.

Second chance drawings

If your numbers don’t match with the winning ones and there is no overall jackpot winner, some online lottery games offer second chance drawings, whereby tickets are given an extra chance to win. Keep an eye out for those.

Pick a good mix of numbers

While some players like to pick their birthdays or other special days as numbers for their online lottery betting, you need to keep in mind that most players are picking numbers between 1 and 31. This means that numbers above 31 rarely get picked and if they’re the winning numbers, chances are you won’t have to split your winnings with another player.

Snap up a top deal on lottery betting

If you would like to place bets on the results of lotteries, we have snapped up some top deals with online lottery operators, so you can have a great start.

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