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Baccarat glossary: The complete guide to online baccarat terminology

Baccarat glossary: The complete guide to online baccarat terminology

The game of baccarat was made famous by James Bond, but it is also a game that is simple to learn and to comprehend. This game might be a tad daunting if you don’t know how it’s played. This is why we have compiled some of the terms in the game of online baccarat to help you learn the ropes.

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Glossary of baccarat terms

Baccarat: The game of Baccarat is played using 6 or 8 decks of cards. The aim of this table game is to place a bet on either the player or the banker’s hand. The hand value with the total point value 9 wins.

Banco: The bank or the dealer.

Bank: The hand which acts last in Baccarat.

Banker Bet: A bet on the dealer/banker.

Bankroll: The sum of money you wish to gamble in one session.

Burning: The removal of the top 3 to 6 cards before the beginning of a round.

Carte: A request for an extra card from the dealer.

Chemin De Fer: A variant of the game Baccarat. Known as European Baccarat, this game sees the player handing out cards, taking bets and acting as the bank.

Coup: A round of Baccarat involving the banker hand and the player hand.

Croupier: The dealer.

Deal: A card dealt out to the player during a round.

Dealer: Casino representative.

Down Card: A hole card.

Face Cards:  Jack, Queen and King of any suit.

Fading: A term commonly used in land-based casinos referring to act of placing bets.

Flat Bet: When a player places the same bet repeatedly.

High Roller:  A player who makes large bets.

Hole Card: A Down Card.

House: The casino.

House Edge: The chances and percentage ratio a casino has over players.

House Rules: The rules of the game.

Lace: When cards are randomly placed into a stack of cards.

Le Grande: Number 9.

Le Petite: Number 8.

Loss Bet: A wager against the bank.

Natural: When a hand totals to either eight or nine.

Player Hand: A hand played against the dealer (bank).

Punto: A Player.

Punto Banco: Another term for Baccarat.

Push: A tie. All bets are returned.

Run: A side bet that gives you the opportunity to bet on a series of hands.

Standoff: A tie.

Tie Bet: When the dealer and the player get the same point score resulting in a tie.

Upcard: A card face up.

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