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Learn How to play online blackjack
Roulette glossary: The complete guide to roulette terminology

Roulette glossary: The complete guide to roulette terminology

Knowing what various bets are in the game of online roulette, could help you make informed decisions when it comes to betting.

If you are new to the game of online roulette and don’t quite know the meaning of various bets or terms, we have got you covered. We have compiled a fully comprehensive list of online roulette terms and rules, that will help you understand what each bet in roulette is, and how to distinguish between the different game variations available.

The below terms should help you comprehend better how the game of online roulette work. If you are looking for more strategy and tips on online roulette, keep following GamblingMetropolis for a full collection of roulette tutorials and other table games.

Glossary of roulette terms

Action: The total number of wagers spent over time.

Action player: When Roulette players make large wagers regularly.

American Roulette: A variant of the game of roulette, whereby the wheel has a total of 38 numbers, including a green 0 and a green double 00.

Ball Track: The rim of the roulette wheel where the ball spins.

Bankroll: The total sum of money a player has at his disposal for gambling.

Basket Bet: A bet that covers 00, 0, 1, 2 and 3.

Big number: A number that crops up more regularly than the odds might suggest.

Black bet: A bet on a black number.

Bottom track: The inner slanted area in the roulette wheel.

Carre: A corner bet. This term is mostly used in French roulette.

Cheval: A split bet in French roulette.

Column bet: A bet on an entire column of 12 numbers.

Colonne: The French term for a column bet.

Combination bet: A bet on 2 or more numbers.

Corner bet: A bet on four numbers in a corner.

Courtesy line: A bet on both 0 and 00 in American roulette.

Croupier: The dealer.

Derniere: In French Roulette, a Derniere encompasses the last 12 numbers or else, numbers between 25 to 36.

Double Up: When a player decreases the bet value following a win, and double it after a loss.

Double Zero Roulette: Another name for American Roulette.

Dozen bet: A bet that covers 12 numbers in one column. This includes bets on 1-12, 13-24 or 25-36.

En Plein: A Straight Up bet.

Even bet: A bet on an even number.

Even money bet:An outside bet that pays 1:1, including odds and evens, black and red and low and high numbers.

En prison: A rule applying to European or French Roulette. This rule states that if the ball lands on a green 0, half the bet applies for the next spin.

European roulette: A variant of the game of roulette. The wheel in the game of European Roulette has 37 numbers, including a single green 0 and numbers from 1 to 36.

Five number bet: A bet on the next number being 0, 00, 1, 2, or 3 in American Roulette.

Flat better: A player who places bets of the same amount regularly.

French roulette: A variant of the game of roulette. This variant has a table layout and uses En Prison and La Partage rules.

High bet: A bet on numbers between 19 and 36.

High roller: A player who makes large bets.

House: Another term for casino.

House Edge: The advantage the casino has over the player.

House Rules: The regulations of the game including buy-ins.

Inside Bets: Wagers placed in the numbered area of the roulette table.

La Partage: A rule in the game of European (French) roulette, whereby the player sees half a bet lost returned if the ball lands on a green 0.

Line bet: A bet on numbers between 1 and 18.

Low roller: A player who makes small bets regularly.

Odd bet: A bet on an odd number.

Odds: A numerical probability of an outcome.

Outside bet: Bets placed on the outside area of the roulette table, including reds and blacks, odd and even, low and high and dozens and columns.

Parlay: When a player doubles a bet after a win.

Pockets: The areas on the wheel, where the ball might land.

Push: A tie.

Quarter bet: A bet on four chosen numbers.

Red bet: A bet on a red number.

Single zero roulette: Another name for European Roulette.

Split bet: A bet on two numbers next to each other.

Straight up bet: A bet on a single number.

Street bet: A bet on three numbers.

Surrender: When a player receives half the bet back if the ball lands on a green 0 or 00.

Trio: A street bet.

Wager: A bet.

Wheel: A Roulette wheel.

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