How Would You Spend a Big Jackpot Win?


What would you do with a big jackpot win? Ask any dedicated player and chances are, they will have an answer all lined up! We often hear of casino players taking home jackpot wins, both large and small, but what do they go on to spend the money on?

Whether you chase that big win at an online casino, in a lottery or at a land-based casino, there’s no denying that winning a large sum can be life-changing. Let’s take a look at a few of those incredible moments and what the winners went on to do with their winnings. Who knows, they might inspire you!

Helping family

A lot of players will tell you that one of the top priorities in their lives are their loved ones. So it stands to reason that a winner’s relatives will be taken care of with the money won.

Take Jonathan Heywood, for example. This British player, 26 years old at the time, won a record-breaking amount on the Mega Moolah slot – an eye-watering £13.2 million – in 2015, with a 25p bet. The very first thing he did? Pledged his money to help his sick dad get better again. The older Mr Heywood needed a heart and lung transplant and Jonathan said he would be spending as much of his win as necessary to secure the best possible medical care for his father. Jonathan also paid for a Mediterranean cruise for his relatives. What a generous guy!

Two lotto winners from the UK also used their newfound wealth to help their loved ones. George and Beryl Keates, from Merseyside, beat some serious odds to take home £3.5 million on the National Lottery. Their first act? Making sure their family members were financially secure. Each of their four sons received £250,000, while their 9 grandchildren received £10,000, and their sisters also got some money too. The Keates couple still play the lotto regularly.

Funding worthy causes

When Robert Erb won $25 million in the Lotto Max in 2012, he had big plans for the money. Beneficiaries of his generosity included several charities, community projects and even individual acts of kindness like helping less fortunate people pay for their dental care. Erb also donated $1 million to support organizations lobbying for the legalization of marijuana.

Florida resident Gloria Mackenzie won a record-breaking $590 million in the Powerball. Even after she had treated herself to a new home and shared some of her wealth with friends and family, Gloria had plenty left over and wanted to support a good cause. She donated $2 million to her old high school, which faced closure if it could not make $1.8 million in essential repairs. Gloria single-handedly rescued an important piece of her own history and a crucial institution within her community.

Comfortable living

Not everyone has crazy dreams of owning giant yachts and leading a crazy lifestyle. Many jackpot winners use their money to write off debt, treat themselves (within reason) and ensure that their family is taken care of.

For example, when a jackpot winner in Sweden took home €7.6 million on the Hall of Gods slot in 2012, her first stop wasn’t a fancy car dealership but the bank. She paid off all of her loans and her mortgage, putting her mind at rest. She did then treat her family to a holiday but not before making sure her finances were in order.

After winning €8.5 million on Mega Moolah in 2015, Alexander from Sweden took a similarly responsible approach. He immediately paid off his debts and was considering a holiday and a new car, but was adamant that he would ‘lay low’, making the most out of his money without making rash decisions.

Living the dream

Of course, there are plenty of jackpot winners who have thrown all caution to the wind and thoroughly enjoyed their winnings. Round-the-world holidays, expensive cars, gigantic new homes and endless shopping sprees are just a few of the ways winners celebrate their good fortune. And why not? Life is short – enjoy it to the max!