Japan Gambling Update – First Casino Pencilled in for 2021!

Here at Gambling Metropolis, we like to bring you updates on all things gambling. You’ll be well aware of the recent rumblings in Japan, as it looks as though casinos could well be legalised and regulated in the country which would bring to an end decades of debate and argument. However, the latest news suggests that we might not see an establishment open its doors in Japan for a few years yet, with a few hurdles to overcome. Let’s take you through the details.

Japan’s Casino Bill Could Take a Year to Pass

Despite Japan’s new casino bill coming into effect in December of last year, this hasn’t seen an explosion of casino blueprints being sent off to builders for preliminary works. Rather, while the bill has been accepted, it is expected to take the best part of 2017 to properly pass.

To explain a bit further, the bill that was accepted has been branded “preliminary”, meaning that the only aspect that has been legalised so far is that casinos can operate within Japan. An implementation bill needs to also be passed before construction can begin, and this will determine a lot of factors into the new gambling industry.

Japan’s First Casino Expected in 2021

One of the key aspects that the implementation bill will address is the location and number of casinos built. While it is expected that the major tourist areas will be hit (such as Tokyo, Osaka and Yokohama), there will also be a limit on the number of Japanese casinos in operation.

Furthermore, the act will discuss how the casinos will operate – with the government keen to avoid any illegal activities such as organised crime entering the market. However, despite all the hoops, the first casino in Japan is outlined to open its doors for the first time in 2021!

Gambling Legalisation Concerns to be Addressed

Interestingly, the government has found opposition in the form of a portion of the general public alongside rival political parties. Betting addiction is of high concern to the Japanese people, and they want to see a few safeguards in place to limit any potential damage that this could bring.

Adverts promoting responsible gambling are often found in the UK and other regulated betting countries, so a similar campaign is almost certain to be required as Japan’s casino opening days begin to loom.

However, despite a few teething problems to overcome, it’s an incredibly exciting time for Japan and its citizens now that gambling looks set to be expanded with legalised casinos becoming a form of entertainment!