Jetbull’s Raging Promos

Bulls on Parade

If I had to think of an image to illustrate this tour de force of a casino is, I’d play on its name and think of it as a Spanish ‘Pamplona’, that is, the running bulls parade held in Spain. This casino showcases well over 1200 games! Setting the slots apart, jackpots add up to over 50 and live casino up to over 8o. What’s more, Jetbull mixes things up with a Sports section, a Live Sports one, a Virtual Sports one, and a Lottery one. This should serve as enough proof attesting to how big this casino is.

While games and gaming options are plenty, Jetbull makes sure to craft enough beefy promotions to give players new incentive to keep on coming back to play more.

Jetbull’s Bonus Schemes

Jetbull doesn’t go light on the promotions side. Regardless of your playing style or gaming interests, you might want to have a look at this casino’s promotions page because you’ll often find new offers that will suit you. Let’s take a look at some examples:

The Welcome Bonus

  • Casino games – 1st deposit – 100% extra added up to €150
  • Sports betting – 1st deposit – 50% extra added up to €75

Daily/Weekly/Monthly Offers

In ‘Free Spins for the Weekend”, if you play any of the video slots between Monday and Thursday, you can get free spins added to your account the same weekend. The amounts of free spins you get are relative to the amounts of times you play. They break down as follows:

  • Play 200 Rounds per day to get 10 free spins for the weekend
  • Play 300 Rounds per day to get 50 free spins for the weekend
  • Play 400 Rounds per day to get 100 free spins for the weekend
  • Play 500 Rounds per day to get 200 free spins for the weekend

In ‘€35 Weekly Reload Bonus’, make a deposit of €10 or more, and the next week you will have an extra €35 added to your wallet.

The ‘Game of the Month’ is another promotional offer. Every month, a different game is chosen, and by playing it, you’ll get some type of offer attached to it. For the month of September, if you play the game Hugo, you can get cash back. If you wager any amount below or equivalent to €500, you get 10% back. If you wager over €500, you get 20% back.

Other Bonuses

One more example is ‘Casino Cash Rewards’. When you sign up with Jetbull for the first time, you are automatically added to the Loyalty Program. Then, every time you play, you accumulate Casimo Frequent Player Points (FPP), which can be converted into hard cash later on.

The ‘20% Back on Scratch Cards’ promotion is pretty much self-explanatory. Amongst Jetbull’s exhaustive library, you will find section dedicated to scratch cards if that’s your kind of thing. You can receive 20% cash back up to €300 by playing scratch cards.

Wrapping up Jetbull’s Bonus System

By no means is this article exhaustive. There are even more promotional offers you can explore just by visiting the relevant page. In this article, I’ve only touched upon some of the ones directly related to casino games. However, considering Jetbull’s sprawling assortment of games as well as the attractive list of bonuses, you might want to head on over to the Jetbull’s page now and find your fit!