A Look Ahead to the Future of Online Casino Gambling

We’re going to get all speculative on you now, but it’s on a topic that is sure to be of interest – what is the future of online casino gambling? Before we get into it, we’d like to point out that this is pure guesswork at this moment in time, as, due to the unprecedented growth of the industry in recent years, the future of iGaming is particularly unclear. However, we thought we’d give it a shot anyway – so here are a few predictions for the future online casino world!

Mobile Casinos to Dominate

Okay, not exactly sticking our necks too far out here, but it’s a solid start to a somewhat unpredictable article. The future of online gaming almost certainly lies at the feet of mobile casinos – that is using your smartphone or tablet to access your favourite content.

We’ve already seen a dramatic shift in the iGaming world towards iPad/iPhone and Android devices, and projections from all corners suggest that this will continue. Better connections, better technology (which we’ll get into later), and complete convenience is the basis for this viewpoint, after LeoVegas kicked off all the mobile casino hype a few years back.

Not already on the remote gaming scene? Be prepared to migrate sooner rather than later!

Bitcoin to Become the Preferred Payment Method

A bit more outlandish but certainly not without reason, we predict that bitcoin will become a major payment method in the online casino world’s future. Playamo and a handful of others have already welcomed bitcoin into the iGaming world, but most are currently unwilling to do so as they see it as an unnecessary risk.

However, if this virtual currency’s popularity continues to grow over the years (a decent possibility considering its rise), it won’t be long before other casinos follow suit. What perks does bitcoin offer, we hear you ask? Well, in a world where online fraud and security is of paramount concern, you can guarantee:

  • 100% anonymity
  • A decentralised payment method, immune from corruption or inflation.
  • Peer-to-peer technology with no middle man required

A Focus on Retaining Players Via VIP Programmes/Loyalty Schemes

In a previously bleak online gaming market, there was a time when casinos would only care about attracting new gamers to their platform rather than retaining them once they were there. No one likes to be cast aside as soon as they’ve been hooked, especially when you’re depositing your hard-earned cash!

Thankfully, the industry is beginning to change due to more and more casinos being established by the day. With more competition, it’s now much easier for a player to pack their bags and move on if they feel they’re not appreciated. Therefore, VIP programmes, personalised treats and regular casino bonuses are now frequently found at online casinos in an attempt to keep hold of existing players.

With the online casino world continuing to grow at such a pace, we can only expect even greater incentives for loyal players in the future. For the time being though, please check out the recently released Spinit if you want a quality VIP scheme right away.

Virtual Reality!?

A bit of a pipe dream to finish, but the way in which video games are going, would it be completely out of the question?! For the live casino enthusiasts among us, surely the lure of being able to pick up your virtual reality headset and be taken to a real environment would be a very cool feature for the future.

Okay, we’ll admit that was a bit tongue-in-cheek, but it is certain that online casino entertainment will become more immersive and interactive in the future. We’d have scoffed only a few years ago if you’d told us that live casino was going to feature on mobile devices anytime soon – but guess what, it’s arrived at William Hill and other casinos!

Just how far game providers are able to push the boundaries remains to be seen, but we’re certainly envisaging more detailed games in the future – perhaps with a 3D element or maybe one that customises your experience depending on your interests. This is the one area that is the most unknown, while also being possibly the most exciting too!

Whatever the future of online casino gaming is, we’re sure it’s going to be a blast!