Monte-Carlo Casino’s ‘Cercle Club’ is the True VIP Experience

Cercle-Club-VIPMonte Carlo is to Europe what Las Vegas is to the USA and Macao is to Asia; they can all be considered the grand pillars of gambling. And inside the posh clique of casinos inside Monte Carlo, Monte Carlo is the one that stands above the rest as the most iconic one. With appearances in movies such as the cult classic series James Bond, in Ocean’s Twelve, as well as in Kylie Minogue’s single “On a Night Like This”, its refined architectural style and lush ambience have made it renowned the world over.

When Monte-Carlo Casino decided to take to the online gambling scene, the result was a casino that appealed mainly to high-rollers and elite players in general. So, by default, Monte-Carlo Casino has taken care to implement a VIP club – the Cercle Club – that is worthy of faithful players. And the good thing is that even if at first glance considered a highbrow casino for elite high rollers, by no means are more casual players treated with indifference. This becomes evident with the Circle Club opening its doors to all players indiscriminately. So, let’s take a closer look at what this diamond-edged VIP club has to offer.

Get in the “cercle” with Monte-Carlo Casino

Monte-Carlo Casino gives a lot of weight to its VIP club. Logging onto the site, you will immediately notice it occupies a prominent position. The page dedicated to the Cercle Club has all the specifics outlined coherently for you. Here, I’ll only outline the most salient ones.

First off, joining the club is free. You are given green status upon joining. The way up is by gathering as many Cercle Points as you can. €10 euros translates to 1 point (please refer to the table on the page for a detailed breakdown of the point scheme). Your points accumulated as well as VIP status will appear and change in real-time on your dashboard.

Once you reach bronze status, the casino starts throwing really remarkable bonuses your way including, but not limited to, exclusive promotions, gifts, VIP exclusive bonuses, and a dedicated concierge. Reach diamond status, and you will be invited to VIP trips to destinations such as Monte Carlo itself, and live champion league games amongst others. Furthermore, Cercle points are redeemable as either cash or bonus funds (please refer to relevant table on website).

While the club is still in promotional stage, the team has temporarily removed the monthly expiry date for points. This means that you can continue climbing to higher VIP tiers, and when the promotional period is over, your status will be honoured accordingly.

One more thing the Cercle Club has going its way is that they claim that players who have a bronze status or higher at other casinos can contact customer support at Monte-Carlo Casino, and they can negotiate terms for transferability. This kind of customer support is certainly praiseworthy.

Coming full ‘cercle’

While I’ve only touched upon the tip of the iceberg that Monte-Carlo Casino’s Cercle Club is shaping up to be in the vast sea of online gambling, it should be clear that this is not a casino to be overlooked. The lower end of the spectrum is easily accessible, and the higher end definitely treats its loyal members with silk gloves. So, go to Monte-Carlo Casino now and experience the true VIP experience first-hand!