NetEnt – Going for a fully immersive gaming experience


As a leader within online casino game development NetEnt is constantly striving to improve and come up with new innovations that will further help make the gaming experience more enjoyable for players. Since their launch in 1996 the company has been a true pioneer in developing boundary-breaking technology for casino igaming. 20 years later and NetEnt is still going strong!

During the ICE Totally Gaming Conference this year NetEnt took the opportunity to showcase some of their gaming innovations that, in their words, will make this year “the most interesting year in online gambling history”. Most nostably, a virtual reality slot experience and immersive 3D sound technology.

Let us take a look:

Jack’s World – A Virtual Reality Slot Experience

One of NetEnt’s most popular games, Jack and the Beanstalk, has been a crowd favourite since its release back in 2012. The company is now taking the beloved slot and its concept and turning it into a virtual reality experience where players will feel like they are truly joining in on the adventure.

If you weren’t present at the ICE conference, you still have a chance to get a taste of what is to come. Check out the above video where you can explore the world by simply moving your mobile device around to scan the area. If you are on a desktop computer, you can use your “WASD keys” or mouse to do the same.

3D Immersive Sound Experience

Using leading-edge technology NetEnt invites you to a more immersive gambling experience with 3D sound. This is mainly targeted towards players on the go as the binaural experience works best with headphones or earbuds. But anyone using speakers on their desktop or mobile device will still get a richer gaming experience.

This new sound technology will in the future be implemented in some of NetEnt’s video slots giving you the opportunity to switch between normal and 3D audio. If you want to hear and feel what the 3D immersive experience sounds like, put on your headphones or buds and play the video below.

Innovative Gaming

More and more game developers are stretching the boundaries of online gambling by developing new technology that will enrichen the gaming experience. Not least during the ICE Totally Gaming conference this January did we see a lot of interesting and innovative solutions and ideas that probably will make it in to the casino world in the near future.

This is an exciting time for online gambling and we should all be psyched to see what game developers will provide us with during the coming years. Will wearables become a popular device for gambling? Will we be able to immersive ourselves with virtual reality and 3D sound? Will games offer not only the chance to see and hear but also feel? We don’t know, but what we do know is that we are looking forward to finding out!