Gambling horoscope for Aquarius

13.01.2022 • by denise

Gambling horoscope for Aquarius (20th January – 18th February)

The science of astrology is as old as the hills. Countless people delve into daily, monthly, and yearly horoscopes to find out how they’ll fare in love, money, and happiness. Horoscope is a Latin word that literally means ‘view of the hour’ and guides mankind’s innate curiosity to discover what the future holds.

Since the Babylonians plotted the 12 signs of the Zodiac in the night skies roughly three millenniums ago, people have consulted the stars to gain a glimpse into the future. Removing some of the mystery and unknowns of the tomorrow provide reassurance and sets one’s feet on a certain path.

Some dispel astrology as gibberish and maintain that the future cannot be predicted or foretold. Many, however, rely on the wisdom of the ancient civilisations and the position of the planets and stars to guide their exploits. This is especially true for avid gamblers.

A menagerie of possibilities and what-ifs awaits when one steps through the doors of casinos. Every throw of the dice, turn of the wheel, flip of the cards, or spin of the reels has the potential to make fortunes or dash hopes.

That’s why seasoned gamblers turn to their respective horoscopes before pitting their skills against Lady Luck. This piece takes a closer look at the gambling fortunes of the Aquarius star sign.

Strengths and weaknesses of an Aquarius

This air sign is typically impulsive and shies away from routine and constantly seeks out new challenges. Your well-developed intuitive sense usually leads you to make beneficial decisions. This is also true for the choices you make on either virtual or land-based casino floors.

You are a social being that likes being in the thick of whatever is happening. Others are drawn to your warm, friendly nature. The more social casino games attract you and you don’t mind if you’re surrounded by people or in the midst of that typical casino buzz.

Living for the moment and seeking continuous thrills make you somewhat impatient. This often causes you to lose sight of the bigger picture and quit a venture before it’s fulfilled. When you gamble, it would be wise to keep your capricious tendencies in check. Often, the next big win is just around the corner when one gives up.

Is today a lucky day for Aquarius to gamble?

You like to socialise. This need also applies to your gambling habits and some form of interaction with other players tends to make your gambling exploits more enjoyable.

So, when you choose your Aquarius lucky casino days, busier online casino times will suit you well. These days usually fall over weekends, bank holidays, or days at the end of the week, such as Thursdays and Fridays when people want to blow off some work steam. Remember to trust your intuition when assessing your Aquarius gambling luck today.

What are the lucky days for Aquarius?

Certain times of the year also seem to influence the Aquarius lucky days to gamble. Although your exact lucky days may change from month to month along with the shift of the planets and stars, certain times prove luckier than others.

Indications are that Lady Luck will smile on your gambling endeavours from January up to the first half of May. The middle of October to December also looks bright. Riskier periods are the end of May up to the first half of August.

Aquarius lucky numbers

Your lucky numbers are five, seven, eight, 11 and 17. Allow your Aquarius horoscope to guide you and don’t ignore these numbers when they coincide with your lucky days to gamble. Keep these numbers in mind when playing roulette or blackjack.

Aquarius lucky colours 

Blues, whether dark or light, favour Aquarius gamblers. Look for signs of your lucky colours when choosing your slots and table games. This colour may also signify that luck won’t rain down on you on cloudy days.

Best casino games for Aquarius

Always remember to consult tomorrow’s gambling horoscope for Aquarius when you plan an online gambling expedition. You enjoy both slots and table games. Jackpot slots may just offer surprising wins to satisfy your curious impulsiveness. Live dealer table games feed your logical side and test your skills while you interact with other players.

Never forget that gambling is a game of luck. Plan your payrolls carefully and stick to them. Curb your impulses and don’t exceed your set budgets. Check out the best bonuses on offer at your favourite online casino.

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