Gambling horoscope for Pisces

10.03.2022 • by denise

Gambling horoscope for Pisces (19th February-20th March)

Astrology, the classical art of studying the movements of celestial bodies and looking for answers in the stars, dates back thousands of years and holds a special place in the history of mankind. Through the ages, people such as farmers consulted the movement of the stars to plot times and events.

Ancient civilisations did the same. The Egyptians associated the rising of Sirius in mid-July as a sign that the Nile will flood. Night travellers used the stars to guide them, the Chinese saw eclipses as good or bad omens, and the Babylonians instigated the study of divination through the stars.

It was, in fact, the Babylonians who first linked the movement of the gods to the movement of the stars. They discovered the 12 Zodiac signs as we know them today. Despite protestations that astrology is not a science and futures and fortunes do not depend on star signs, many people staunchly plan their daily, monthly and even yearly lives according to their Zodiac signs and look to the skies for guidance.

Gamblers often consult their star signs to gain a glimpse of what their fortunes hold before stepping over the thresholds of their favourite online casinos. Although some scoff at this practice as idle superstition, it surely doesn’t hurt to follow a bit of mysterious advice as Lady Luck is often a fickle friend.

Pisces is the star sign of people born between 19th February and 20th March. These individuals have certain definitive characteristics that affect their gambling luck. This article delves into the Pisces daily gambling horoscope and explores all the lucky portents linked to this Zodiac sign.

Pisces, by nature, are dreamers, deep feelers and sometimes overly sympathetic. As a Pisces, you may often find yourself caught between the want to achieve great visions and the need to withdraw into your own world to escape the realities around you.

Creativity and a vivid imagination often steer your instincts. This might make you slightly impulsive and, in the gambling arena, may cause you to disregard losses and chase wins. Your idealism may also drive you to dream up big wins without going through the practicalities of managing a bankroll.

Pisces do, however, have a logical side and this, combined with their well-established instincts, can prove invaluable when gambling.

Is today a lucky day for Pisces to gamble?

Your Pisces gambling luck today depends largely on you. Allow your instincts to guide you, and trust your gut feeling before taking a turn at the tables or spinning the reels at the slots.

Sometimes, big crowds may seem overwhelming. Stick to online casinos or visit land-based establishments during the week when it’s not too busy.

You may ask, when is it my lucky day to gamble? Your star sign is connected to Jupiter. This makes a Thursday especially lucky for you and a good day to try out your favourite games in the best online casinos.

What are the lucky days for Pisces?

The Earth’s movements also influence your Pisces lucky days to gamble. Keep in mind that these will vary along with the fluctuations of the planets and stars, and certain times of the year will determine your Pisces lucky days of the week.

The current position of the constellations indicates that January to the first half of August is especially lucky for Pisces. You should, however, avoid gambling during the second 10 days of March.

Pisces lucky numbers

The Pisces lucky numbers are four, seven, nine, 10 and 11. This opens a world of possibilities on any casino floor. Pay special attention to the appearance of these numbers on slot reels and roulette and blackjack tables. 

Pisces lucky colours

As a water sign, a variety of blues and aquamarine will bring you fortune and luck. Allow your lucky colours to guide you to slots and specific table games.

Best casino games for Pisces

Is today a lucky day for Pisces to gamble? Look toward the stars and consult your gambling horoscope before throwing a dice, flipping a card, or spinning a reel. Your instinct and logic make you a formidable blackjack and poker player. Your dreamy side will love slots, where you can lose yourself for an hour or two. 

Keep in mind that gambling relies on luck and chance. Nothing is set in stone. Stick to your planned budgets and quit while you’re ahead. Check out the best bonuses on offer at your favourite online casino.

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