Online Casinos Enter a New Dimension with Virtual Reality

Online Casinos Enter a New Dimension with Virtual RealityVirtual reality goggles finally went commercial last year. The Oculus Rift and HTC Vive, followed by the Sony VR (and a handful of smartphone compatibles) hit shelves in stores at different times last year, and both companies and players are curious as to how this is going to impact interactive technology such as games with the passing of time. As is the case with any ground-breaking piece of technology, VR is inspiring hope as much as it is inspiring dread. While it unlocks the potential for new technological development that will impact the way we experience games, it will also pose new challenges, be it in a technological sense as much as in a legal and regulatory sense. One thing is rather certain, though – that VR is here to stay and naysayers are going to have to find a way to cope with it.

SlotsMillion Preempts a Virtual Future

SlotsMillion is one of those few online casinos that has gone ahead and redesigned its online casino experience in a style that accommodates VR entirely. If you fire up your VR goggles (and your trustworthy racehorse-powered PC) and head over to SlotsMillion, you will find yourself in a 360-degrees casino situated on the 80th floor of a skyscraper evocative of some of the most iconic sci-fi movies such as Blade Runner and Minority Report. Here, interactive features are aplenty, with a prop up bar and a slew of immersive 3D video slots. You will also probably experience vertigo as you lean to a glass pane and look down.

As SlotsMillion was developing its VR experience, it had to jump through quite a few regulatory loops to make sure that its practice is adequate. And this is never a simple task considering that the whole VR medium is still up in the air.

Regulation and Gray Zones

It goes without saying that SlotsMillion is one in a series of online casinos that has worked hard to deliver an innovative experience, what with the new technology, while complying to its best abilities with the laws present in its legal jurisdiction.

However, the issues that arise with a new medium concern another type of market – the unregulated online operators also known as ‘offshore’ ones. These ones do not abide by rules posited by a regulated market, and can attract an underground market where anything goes. Many players who want freedom in their playing experience might flock to these unregulated casinos, especially if jurisdictions legally trying to come to grips with the new VR medium implement too many restricting laws that suffocate the player. Therefore, even though it’s clearly easier said than done, Legislative boards need to work hard to set regulations In place that create a balance between protection and secure play on one hand and enjoyment and freedom in playing on the other.

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