Online gaming in Canada – Looking to the future


The internet has opened up a whole host of possibilities in every industry you can think of. The iGaming industry is no exception and the world of online casinos has grown to include nations all over the world. Things are looking up for casino operators in Canada, which is slowly becoming more welcoming to online casinos.

Accessibility is the key

With the internet reaching every part of our lives, it is becoming less common to find areas – even the most rural ones – that do not have internet access. This can be through home routers or 4G connections and means that most people, no matter where they are located, can log on and play.

In a country as large as Canada, this is an important factor when it comes to online play. It is also directly related to the growth of mobile as the platform of choice for many players.

Legislative autonomy

Canada’s ten provinces and territories have the authority to decide on their own gambling regulations. This means that individual provinces have some degree of autonomy when it comes to determining whether to license casinos and how.

This is why there is such a significant difference between the way provinces are approaching the challenge – some are easing the laws related to gaming, others are tightening their laws and others still are actively working towards boosting industry growth within a framework of regulation and vetting.

First out the gate

The province of Quebec is the first in Canada to realize the potential of the iGaming industry and to actively promote its growth. As the francophone region began to see results, other provinces have become more interested in pursuing this course of action.

Manitoba, Alberta and Ontario are other provinces that are slowly relaxing the legislative restrictions that prevent operators from setting up shop in Canada.

The next challenge

In a world of instantly accessible games, free spins and generous bonuses, it is becoming somewhat harder to justify investing in a land-based casino in what can be considered an unproven legislative climate. This is the problem they face in Ottawa, where talks to open a casino complex have been taking place.

Does it make sense to put a large sum of money towards opening a land-based operation, when online casinos are doing so well and are promising to keep doing so? While that question may not be answered any time soon, there is no doubt that the online gambling sector in Canada is doing better with each passing year.

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