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  • Introduction

    Playing in online casinos has never been easier than it is in the present day. There is an almost endless list of sites to choose from when looking to play your favourite casino games, and that list continues to grow seemingly with every passing day. What’s more, casino players are able to enjoy an even greater array of choices when they have chosen a casino, thanks to the hundreds of different slot, casino, and instant win games most casinos are able to provide.

    That theme of choice is even carried through to the ways that you can pay to play at these sites. While every casino on the internet will allow you to pay by debit or credit card, there are also multiple options for players who don’t want to hand over their card details. Just one look at the payment screen on an average casino site will show options such as e-wallets, bank transfers, payment vouchers and, in many cases, the opportunity to pay by phone. It’s this last option we’re going to look in more depth in this piece.

    The best online casinos that accept Pay by Phone

    Paying by Phone is not one of the more traditional methods of payment, which is reflected in the fact that not every casino offers it as a way to fund your account. If you would like to use this way of paying, there are options out there if you are willing to look for them.

    In particular, keep an eye out for newer providers. As those newer to the casino scene know they are competing against established “big” names, they tend to be more willing to offer as many payment options as possible in order to better persuade players to make the switch.

    How do I make a deposit using Pay by Phone?

    Using your phone to deposit at an online casino is not a particularly complex process in and of itself, but it can be slightly confusing on the first attempt. To initiate a deposit, you will need to navigate to the “Cashier” section of the casino in question and select the option to “Pay by Phone”. At this point, you will be prompted to enter the amount you wish to pay, as well as your mobile phone number. You then click “Deposit”, and will have one more stage to go through before your funds hit the casino account.

    In most cases, this final step will be that a text message is sent to you asking for confirmation that you wish to make the deposit. When you receive the text, you’ll simply need to reply “Y” for “Yes”, and the transaction will be completed. Alternatively, the casino may send you a short confirmation code; you need only enter this code in the box which will appear on the casino screen, and you will then be ready to play.

    The funds for the transaction will be debited from your mobile phone bill or PAYG credit, so there’s no need to submit any financial information to the casino just to make a deposit.

    How do I request a withdrawal using Pay by Phone?

    While it is easy to make a deposit using your phone, the question of withdrawals is a trickier one. At the moment, no casino that we know of lets you make a withdrawal to your phone. Even if you could do so, it has to be pointed out that it wouldn’t be a very desirable way to make a withdrawal; given that deposits are added to your phone bill, any withdrawal could only be processed in the same way, meaning that you’d be paid in phone credit. While we’d all be happy to take a chunk off our phone bill, most casino players would hope to have a few more options when it comes to using their funds.

    As you can’t use Pay by Phone to withdraw, you will need to choose an alternative method of withdrawal. It’s possible to withdraw to a credit or debit card, or via bank transfer. If you don’t want to submit any financial information to the casino at all, the last option is to request a withdrawal by cheque – but you will have to wait for that cheque to be processed and sent, which can take a couple of weeks. You’ll then also have another wait of up to five working days for it to clear once you’ve banked it, so do keep the potential for a substantial delay in mind if you do choose this payment method.

    What is the minimum deposit amount?

    The minimum deposit you can make via your phone depends to some extent on the casino. If the casino uses the Boku system to process phone payments, then your minimum deposit in a single transaction is £10. There are more than a few casinos who accept payment by phone from a provider other than Boku, however, and they may allow smaller deposits. Due to this variance, you’ll need to check each casino individually, but it’s best to expect that you’ll need to be willing to deposit £10 or more if you’re planning to Pay By Phone.

    As for maximum amounts, Boku are the primary provider of Pay by Phone services in the industry, and they will allow up to £30 to be deposited in one day. This can be deposited all in one go, or spread across payments, but £30 is a hard maximum. Other providers may allow more, but be cautious to keep track of both the number and amount of the deposits you’ve made in order to avoid any unpleasant surprises on your phone bill when it arrives.

    What is the minimum withdrawal amount?

    As we’ve already covered, when you use your phone to deposit at casinos you will – unfortunately – still need to find an alternative method of withdrawing. That being the case, your withdrawal will be subject to the rules regarding that alternative method.

    We would therefore advise that you check with the casino to ascertain what your withdrawal options are and how they can be accessed. The last thing you want is to attempt to withdraw money from your account but struggle to find a withdrawal method that suits your preferences, especially if you have funds sitting in your account that you want to access. If you know beforehand which withdrawal methods you’re happy to use, and what the casino allows you to use, the process of withdrawing your funds should be relatively straightforward from that point on.

    Why should I use Pay by Phone to gamble at online casinos?

    The primary advantage of using Pay by Phone to make casino deposits is its simplicity. All you need is your phone, which you probably have to hand right now. Also, if you’re lukewarm about giving your credit or debit card details over the internet, this method means you won’t need to.

    With that said, Pay by Phone is not without its downsides. For one thing, using this method does mean you need to find an alternative when looking to withdraw; and for another, Pay by Phone require you to keep a very close eye on how much you are depositing. Without the usual banking processes in place, it can be easy to lose track of deposits throughout the month, so do take the time to note each transaction individually.

    However, as long as you are prepared to keep good records and use an alternative withdrawal method, Pay by Phone can be a very handy way to fund your casino gaming.