SiGMA Leads the Way after a Successful 2016 of iGaming Summits

 SiGMA Leads the Way after a Successful 2016 of iGaming Summits

The hotly-anticipated SiGMA (that’s Summit of iGaming, Malta) came and went during the latter half of last week, and what a cracking event it was! iGaming summits are generally used to bring together key personnel from the industry so they can discuss critical areas of the future. We’ll give you a nice selection of the highlights of SiGMA, as well as mentioning a few other iGaming summits, to keep you all in the loop.

SiGMA Into its 3rd Edition and Fast Becoming the Largest iGaming Summit Around

After starting up in 2o14, SiGMA has become one of the most important iGaming events to attend throughout the year. Why? Well, partly because the summit is held in Malta – a huge iGaming hub with hundreds of online casinos based there, plus many other online gaming related companies. With so many interested parties so close, SiGMA’s size has almost doubled every year, and 2016 was no different.

The Stage is Set

With so many people in attendance, SiGMA provided the perfect opportunity for any big-hitters in the iGaming world to get their point across. As the industry is growing at a rapid pace, being able to hear from and share ideas given by leading thinkers is a huge advantage – especially when it’s on the doorstep of many.

The 2016 SiGMA summit saw speakers from the MGA (Malta Gaming Authority), the CEO of the popular casino LeoVegas, one of the leading auditor firms KPMG, plenty of HR managers (including Betsson’s), and a whole host of others.

Media Exposure

As you can expect with such a big event in the iGaming world, there were many media companies present to document the proceedings. Alongside this article, you should expect plenty of SiGMA-focussed pieces in the coming days and weeks to demonstrate just how big of a success it was.

With the online gaming market expected to continue its growth next year, we’re already excited when thinking about how SiGMA 2017 may look like with all the new industry advancements!

MiGS, EiG and More iGaming Summits

Alongside SiGMA’s obvious success, we’d like to point you in the direction of a few other iGaming summits held during 2016 which shared equally good reviews. MiGS (the Malta iGaming Seminar) was held just a week before SiGMA in Malta and boasted talks from leading organisations such as Deloitte, The Economist, games provider Playtech, and iGaming Business Magazine.

2015 saw over 400 guests attend the event spanning from all corners of the globe. The 8th edition of MiGS looked to build on that, with many who attended praising the insightful views and opinions that were shared.

Also, last month’s EiG (Excellence in iGaming) in Berlin was widely praised by guests, with Mr Green & Co’s CEO, Mikael Pawlo, previously stating:

I think EiG is extremely important to the industry. It’s been very important to us, and to myself to build the connections and the network and to meet all the fantastic people in the gaming industry.

Finally, the iGNA (iGaming North America conference) was held earlier in the year between 5-7th April. The goal of this event, as described on the website, is to “provide a cost-effective networking environment that helps foster understanding regarding the impacts of existing and potential regulated internet gambling in the U.S. and Canada”.

Many areas of online gambling were discussed at the event, including the hot-topic of regulating online poker, the impact eSports may have on the industry, and the need for casinos to build a “social relationship” with players.