Sport and Gambling – A Match Made in Heaven

You may have noticed that we’ve been trying to spice things up a little bit at GamblingMetropolis in the last few weeks – with a variety of articles being written about many topics to do with gambling. Next up is the chance to learn a bit about sports betting – how it came about, its evolution from brick-and-mortar establishments to online platforms, and why it’s so darn interesting to people (we’re looking at you, UK players!). Don’t worry, we’ll of course throw in a tasty casino bonus or two from websites which offer sportsbook alongside casino content.

The History of Sports Betting

Although tracing the exact origins of sports betting his proved impossible at this current state in time, the first known sports gambling activities were done by the ancient Greeks more than two thousand years ago. Athletic events were generally bet on as you would imagine, with the Greeks’ habits picked up by the Romans.

The infamous gladiator games were often the sought-after sport to have a punt on, despite gambling often being classed as illegal during these periods. However, people continued to attend and partake in illegal gambling as the years went by (sound familiar?), with the trend becoming particularly popular in the UK before spreading to the US.

As we get into the recent history, bookmaker shops became prevalent up and down the UK and many other countries’ high streets. Big names such as William Hill and Ladbrokes became known in the now multimillion dollar industry, with many different types of betting established.

The Age of Online Sports Betting Arrives

With the bookmaker business going strong at the start of the new millennia, no one could see what was going to come along and steal some of its thunder – enter the internet. As with pretty much any industry, the internet has changed sports betting dramatically.

Better odds, ease of use and being able to bet on-the-move are just some of the advantages of online sports betting, although the veterans of this world would argue that any social aspect has been decreased because of this new phenomenon.

As online sports betting became more popular, websites starting including both this and casino games into their offerings to widen their audience. The renowned LeoVegas is one of them, while the brick-and-mortar Grosvenor also happens to offer sportsbook alongside its standard array of casino entertainment.

Sports Betting – What’s All the Fuss?

With sports betting often dominating the promotions you see far and wide, you may be wondering why people love it so much. Well, the thrill of adding to the event is often cited by players, while others see it as a genuine moneymaking method.

When big sporting events happen (such as a major football tournament), casinos often go all out to get as many players to their domain as possible. Boosted bonuses, unique promotions and even special games can be created to cater for this busy period – and this often gets punters’ pulses racing.

There are a variety of reasons as to why sports betting, both online and offline, is extremely popular. If you’d like to try your hand out at some sports betting, whilst having some quality casino games on the side, then check out Viks or 888. Viks is an all-in-one website while 888 has different sections depending on your gambling needs. Visit them now for a tasty welcome bonus!