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Check out the Best Sports Betting Sites and Free Bet Offers for 2021

Online sports betting is great, but it moves fast. There are always so many new bookmakers coming along with new websites and new offers to entice you, right? There are, in fact, currently hundreds of sports books to choose from! So how do you know which sites to use to get the best experience and the best value? Well, that’s where we come in.

Here at Gambling Metropolis, we are experts in the online casino and sports betting world. When we look at a website we can tell almost straight away what sort of company we’re dealing with and what sort of value they are likely to provide for the player or the user. We can see a dodgy deal coming a mile off and we know when we’re onto a good’un too. Additionally, we actually work closely with many of the big names to make sure you always get the best deals.

So whether you’re into the horses, boxing, NFL or even the up-and-coming eSports, you’re in good hands here at Gambling Metropolis. Check out our top list below for all the best sports betting sites for 2020 and the best deals. We find all the best free bet offers and bonuses available online so you can make an easy, informed decision. And keep reading for useful insights and our break-down of how it all works.

Editor's Pick – Our top online bookmakers for 2020

Casinos with sports books

Last updated: 03 Oct 2023

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Fansbet Casino and Sports Betting Site

Fansbet is a top online casino and sports betting site for UK players. Read our review to find out more! Unfortunately, they do not offer a casino welcome bonus to new players at this time.

How do we pick the best online bookmakers?

We start by putting ourselves in your shoes. We understand what it’s like to be an individual just looking for a good, reliable online bookie with some good deals. We also know about that feeling you sometimes get – that feeling of being a bit overwhelmed by the huge selection now online. (And that feeling of being a bit sceptical about offers that seem too good to be true!) So, that’s our starting point and is what we bear in mind throughout the process of putting together our list—your needs as an individual.


Then we think about reliability. All the sports betting sites featured on Gambling Metropolis have undergone rigorous tests and checks to make sure they’re up to scratch, particularly for UK players. (Remember that it’s called the “world wide web” for a reason and that different markets have different laws and customs – we think about these things when we’re choosing our bookies.)

Our team has gone through all the tiny details for you, like online betting guinea pigs, checking out the important features. You can rest assured that all the bookmakers on Gambling Metropolis are licensed and regulated and therefore trustworthy and safe. Beyond that, we also favour bookmakers who go the extra mile; we pick companies that show genuine concern about player protection and that get behind responsible gambling.

Bonus offers

We also look at the overall package that a sports betting website offers its users. In the world we live in today, it’s not enough to just come up with a tempting offer. We all expect high standards; we want a secure platform, a wide selection of sports to choose from, a reliable customer support team if anything goes wrong and, of course, great bet offers. There’s always a good range of offers to choose from when you browse our selection; it might be a classic deal such as £100 in bet credits when you sign up or getting something back from your first bet with the company – you bet £10, say and get £40 back. It could even be a 100% deposit bonus type offer—the kind where you get a percentage of whatever your first deposit with the company back to bet with.

Sports selection

The sports selection that a bookmaker offers is obviously a priority to us and something we consider when assessing the online scene. We know that a wide range is important because there are actually a really surprising number of sports across the globe. And there are some very niche interests to cater for too!

From our bookmakers, you’ll find classics such as football, tennis and boxing, then sports that are big across the pond, such as basketball, ice hockey and NFL. You’ll find companies that handle the big international events and big teams really well too, such as Manchester United, Real Madrid, FC Barcelona, Juventus FC and FC Bayern Munich. You’ll also find some that really know their stuff when it comes to special bets on the big stars such as Roger Federer and Rafael Nadal. You’ll even find some bookmakers on our list who will take bets on politics and eSports.

Mobile betting

Finally, we consider the design of the site itself. Today we are a mixed crowd – some of us like to bet on our laptops, some on our tablets, and some on our mobiles. And some of us do a little of all three. A site has to work smoothly on all these different formats and be easy to navigate. It’s no good if a company has the perfect set-up for a computer but a messy display for smartphones with sections of the site cut off or taking too long to load.

With all these different elements taken into consideration, you can trust our top list, whether you’re a newbie or an old hand.

Why choose a new online bookmaker in 2020?

OK, so why go for a new online bookmaker at all? Perhaps you’ve already got a favourite site and you’re comfortable with the service they provide. Well, whilst it’s true that it’s good to feel comfortable, the fact of the matter is that you’re not always going to get the best value by sticking to the same old company every time.

The new companies have something to prove. They set out specifically to attract new customers and make a name for themselves, which means that they have to come up with tempting offers and have to provide exceptional service. They can’t rest on their laurels the way established sports betting sites can. This is why new sites often have better deals and better service than old ones.

Another reason is that new sites often keep up with the latest marketing trends better than old ones. It’s not easy for long-established companies to rebrand and be dynamic in their business because they always fear losing what they already have. A new company doesn’t have this problem.

Remember, too, that a new company doesn’t mean an inexperienced one. Actually, the teams that set up new online sports betting companies have usually had years of experience working for other companies beforehand. They might have worked for the established brands for a couple of decades before realising that they now have the know-how themselves to provide something a little different for customers.

Free Sports Bets

What is a free bet?

A free bet of one kind or another now comes pretty much as standard with online bookmakers. For the customer, it’s a great boost to your balance and a good way to kick start your betting. For the company, it’s used as an incentive to attract new customers and persuade you to sign up with them. Overall, you can see it as a nice promotional set-up that benefits both sides—something good for both you and the bookie.

How can companies offer free sports bets?

Nearly every single sports betting company on the internet today has one thing in common: free bets. You might wonder how they can afford to give away money like that and how they can still make a profit by providing such generous offers.

Well, the answer is that it’s all just part of the way they do business. The team will always calculate how much they expect to make from new customers and compare that figure to how much they expect to pay out in free bets. They set the value of the free bet very carefully so that everyone benefits.

What happens is that you and the other new customers are happy with the free bet and are then excited to make more bets with the company. Meanwhile, the team are happy to offer the free bets in return for your repeat custom.

How to use free bet offers

Free bet offers are a nice way to get going with a new online sports betting site, but it’s a good idea to read up on the offer first to make sure you tick all the boxes and actually get your free bet. There are often a few steps you have to take to use your free bet.

Sometimes you have to register with an online bookie to unlock your free bet. This will usually be a simple case of giving your name and email address, maybe creating a log-in and password, depending on the system the site uses. Some companies don’t actually require registration at all now though, which makes the process even easier. Many prefer instead to use a new system called Pay N Play, by Trustly. You can read up on this in more detail in our bookmaker reviews or by checking out the dedicated sites about payment methods.

Another point to bear in mind is that the free bet usually has a particular value, or is for use with a particular sport. That means you must choose that amount and bet on that sport. Sometimes the deal asks you to make other bets too, in order to unlock your free bet. The best thing is to always read the small print so that you understand what the requirements are.

Benefits of new customer free bets

There are a couple of benefits of new customer free bets. Firstly there’s the most obvious point—that you get to make a bet on a sport and stand to win money back from it for free. Secondly, with a free bet, you’re guided into a new website and made to feel at home. By going through the steps to get your free bet, you’ll be introduced to the various pages on the site, from the registration page and the customer help page to the sports pages themselves. That’s an easier process than just clicking on and trying to work it all out yourself.

Which bet bonus type is the best?

Here at Gambling Metropolis we consider and assess a huge range of online sportsbooks and choose the strongest on the market. Our top list is our selection of the best bookies and deals available. Every deal we present to you is one we think you’ll like; but if you ask us which the best type is, well, we’d have to say that it’s actually a matter of personal preference.

Remember that everyone is different—some only bet on football and others bet on politics. Depending on what you most like to bet on, and how you like to bet, your opinion will be slightly different; however, in our top list, you’ll find that there’s something to suit everyone.


Online sportsbooks are everywhere these days and it can be hard to choose between them. We are here to help. As experts in the field of iGaming (that’s online bookmakers and online casinos for your computer and mobile) we test websites thoroughly to make sure that they do what they claim and that they provide a reliable service.

Our top list tells you the best companies and deals for 2020. Don’t be afraid to try a new bookie because it’s actually the new companies that usually have the best offers. They are always out to impress and they are able to take advantage of new marketing techniques that benefit the customer.

The free sports bets work by providing advantages to both you and the betting company. You get a nice free bet and they get a new customer who will hopefully come back and bet again another day, or on the next big international competition. Check out our list to work out which of the great offers we’ve found works best for you. And always remember to read that small print to ensure you do everything required to get your free bet.

From the team at Gambling Metropolis, good luck in 2020!

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