Star Dust Slot – Latest From Microgaming


“Winning Is Out of This World”

…is the tagline for the latest release from Microgaming: Star Dust.

Star Dust, set to come out sometime in December, will hopefully have you starry eyed. The style is 80’s retro arcade with space-adventure type design and a Tron-esque soundtrack. So far everything is on point; it looks beautiful and the music is atmospheric.

Star Dust both looks and sounds amazing!

Now, Microgaming have not given out the details for the slot yet but they have showcased some unique features of the game. In general one can say that this game is all about the Free Spins rounds.

Star Dust is a 5 reel 40 payline slot!


First off, the Galaxy High symbol. When appearing on the reels it has the ability to turn some of the gem symbols into stardust that boost a Star Dust Meter as well as adding to a cash prize. When 10 or more gems have been collected the Free Spins are triggered and you receive the stored cash prize.

In the Free Spins round you start off with 10 Free Spins. I might also add that during Free Spins the paylines expand to a whopping 1024! And just to help you out a little more there are Radiant Re-spins.

In Free Spins mode there are 1024 paylines!

All in all this slot looks very promising. Judging from the information available at the moment there does not seem to be any downsides. I guess the weighing factor is how often you will get to the Free Spins round. But that will have to wait until December, when the slot is released!

If you want to see a preview of the slot check out this promo video

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