Superpowers and Online Casino Play

The Numbers

Let’s face it: having superpowers like most of our comic book characters would probably come in handy. Wouldn’t it be nice to have things go our way by bending the rules a little? And casino players make up one of the communities who probably wish they were a little more like X-Men’s Gambit. Would the ability to move things around with your mind prove useful to you? Or how about super intelligence? Or maybe superhuman eyesight that allows you to see through cards? Otherwise, do mind control or time travel abilities appeal to you? Recently, a survey about superpowers targeting 2000 participants of different generations revealed which were the most sought after superhuman abilities in casino circles.

Baby BoomersGeneration XMillenials
Super Intelligence21%17%21%
X-Ray Vision18%20%18%
Time Travel16%17%22%
Mind Control8%9%14%


Superpowers into Practice

The people who responded to the survey went further than simply stating which power/s they’d wish they had. They also added how they would utlilise their powers while playing at the tables or on the machines.

Players choosing telekinesis – the ability to move things around at will – said they’d probably use it to place bets at tables or move the bets around. Otherwise, a little more sneaky function would be to shuffle cards in their favour.

Since there are quite a few games that rely on smarts and the ability to think fast, super intelligence would prove handy to quite a few players. Remember the movie Rain Man? Dustin Hoffman didn’t have super powers, but his autism made him an incredible savant at the card game tables in the casino as he could count cards to perfection and at lightning speed.

X-Ray Vision also emerged as a favourite. Players admitted they’d love to be able to see through other players’ cards and know when their lucky hand came up.

How about time travel? Players who opted for this as a favourite said they’d use it to travel back in time and undo a wrongly placed bet. Otherwise, travel forward in time and back again to see what the winning numbers were and bet on them.

And finally players choosing mind control would use it to influence the decisions of other players and the dealer, clearly turning odds in their favour.

Are Superpowers Cheating?

This survey was clearly conducted in the name of fun. And while ever acquiring such super abilities is quite unlikely, players were asked what would they do if there was the risk of being caught. About 84% of Millenials said they would go ahead and cheat even if it meant gaining a slight advantage and an extra little win. And about 81% of Generation X and 79% of the Baby Boomers were willing to win big even if that meant cheating with superpowers.

Wrapping It Up

So, as we’ve seen, even in adulthood, many like to have their little escape into their own world fantasy. And if that’s also the case with you, why not test out your own superpowers at one of our recommended online casinos. You can pick a free spins casino to spin for a no-strings-attached few spins for fun!

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