Tip of the Week – What is a bonus guard?

Online casinos are designed to be exciting and fun, with bonuses of all sorts on offer to boost player experiences. But it can be difficult to understand a bonus and stick to its terms and conditions.

Today we take a look at a mechanism that is set to change the way players interact with their casino bonus and help them avoid the pitfalls. Introducing – the bonus guard.

What is a bonus guard?

Well, to answer that question, we first need to look at why a bonus guard would be used. Imagine you’ve just accepted a new casino bonus of some kind. You’re thrilled with your deposit match or a stack of free spins. You can’t wait to get playing with your bonus goodies.

But there is a catch. Actually, to be accurate, there are the terms and conditions. What some players seem to forget is that bonuses always come with some form of restrictions.

These restrictions are laid out in the terms and conditions document, a less-than-thrilling read that can baffle even the most experienced players out there. It is, after all, a legal document and as such can be somewhat complex.

The majority of bonuses will be subject to restrictions such as the maximum you can wager at one time or the types of games you can use your bonus cash on. These terms and conditions often differ between casinos and can be updated at the casino’s discretion. In short, keeping track of your bonus obligations is difficult.

Keep it simple with bonus guard

Put simply, a bonus guard mechanism will help you ensure that you do not accidentally void your bonus. In practical terms, a bonus guard is fantastically simple. About to make a bet larger than allowed by the bonus terms? The bonus guard will kick in, warning you that proceeding with your £100 wager will void your bonus because it exceeds the £30 limit stipulated in the bonus terms.

If you’re about to make a bet on a game that is restricted in the bonus terms, the bonus guard will throw up a warning, preventing you from forfeiting your bonus by mistake.

It’s a devilishly simple fix for a problem that has been around since online casinos first offered players bonuses. It makes you wonder why it’s taken this long!

Play with a bonus guard

At the moment, it’s SlotsMillion leading the charge on this, with a bonus guard mechanism protecting players from losing their bonuses by accident. Here’s hoping that other casinos join in on this so that more players can enjoy their bonuses without fuss and worry!

Last updated: 13 Nov 2019

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