Top 6 Slots to Play this Autumn

14.09.2019 • by Rachel

Summer is well on its way out and autumn is almost upon us! Suddenly, hanging out on the couch with a cup of tea and a blanket seems like not such a crazy idea. Today, we are rounding up the best upcoming slots that really evoke the coming of the cold months, which also happen to be the best times to stay wrapped up warm inside with your favourite online casino on your screen.

Of course, we’ll also be making suggestions as to where you can play these great games, choosing only the best casinos for you.

Yggdrasil – Seasons

If you can’t get enough of Yggdrasil’s beautiful creations, worry not! They have something for the player looking to embrace the coming chilly season.

The aptly titled Seasons is, we think, a celebration of everything that makes Yggdrasil, Yggdrasil. Goofy characters? Check. That inimitable animation style? Got it in spades. Engaging features? You got it!

This game is more like 4 games crammed into one, with each season getting its own colour palette, themes and bonuses. in every round, you’ll find a free spins slots rounds that’s sure to make you smile, no matter the temperature outside.

Betsoft – 4 Seasons

Though it partly shares its name with the previous slot, Betsoft’s 4 Seasons has a completely different aesthetic, even though the theme is somewhat similar.


4 Seasons is populated by large-eyed, cuddly creatures (even the snake looks like it wouldn’t mind its belly being rubbed) that represent the animals in the Chinese calendar, against an Asian-inspired backdrop that includes a Shinto shrine and cobbled stairways up imposing mountain sides.

On the reels themselves – aside from our little animal friends – you’ll not the golden waving cat that is considering good luck as well as the yin-yang symbol. The background changes as, presumably, the seasons change, with rain and snow replacing the sunshine of summer months.

NetEnt – Bloodsuckers II

We couldn’t put together a list of autumn-themed slots without including this spooky classic, which will be perfectly suited to some Halloween gaming. You can always rely on NetEnt to bring the best to the table – an enticing RTP, fascinating characters and spot-on graphics.

In this slot, the player joins up with a young, fearless, crossbow-toting adventuress, on a quest to unearth a long-hidden treasure. You’ll come face to face with frightening undead enemies, winged beings, coiffed vampire lords and a whole host of bejewelled symbols.

There are enough features in this game to get anyone out of their coffin at midnight. The Blood Rose free spins will boost your chances to win, while the Hidden Treasure bonus game will have you hunting for loot in the creepy basement of the castle. Use the protagonist’s weapon in the random Scatter Shot and Bonus Shot features, for more exciting gameplay.

Bally/SG Interactive – Lucky Tree

Changes in the trees are often the most visible sign that the summer has ended and the world is getting ready for colder weather. In this slot, the Lucky Tree does one better – instead of leaves, this tree sprouts coins!


This slot too has a pronounced Asian influence, including the appearance of mystical dragons, lotus flowers, lucky koi fish, the yin-yang symbol, bamboo shoots and lucky frogs on the reels. In the background, we get to see the Lucky Tree itself (and perhaps start to wonder where one might procure its seeds).

Keep your eyes peeled for the Wild symbol, which shakes the tree on your behalf and allows you to scoop up the golden bounty from beneath. The Picking and Free Play bonuses will also do much to improve your chances!

Novomatic – Autumn Queen

If you’re not the bells-and-whistles kind of player, Autumn Queen may be just the way to go. Novomatic has chosen to stick to the autumn theme without going overboard. This 5-reel, 4-row game sticks to a familiar format while still bringing players an exciting opportunity to win.

That’s not to say that this slot is void of the traditional autumn symbols. Far from it! On these reels, you’ll see big grizzly bears (no doubt getting ready for the winter sleep), an eagle, a majestic stag and the Queen of Autumn herself, her red locks radiant in the dying light of summer.

Eyecon – Autumn Gold

At 3×3, this slot makes sure to pack as much autumn as it can into a small package. This fun little game is certainly no slouch and it bring all the fall you can handle and more. On the reels, you’ll notice symbols like red leaves, berry jam, wellington boots, nut-hoarding squirrels, pumpkins and umbrellas.

Simple and relaxing, this is not a game for players who crave non-stop action and flashy graphics. This one is for you guys out there who enjoy the soothing sound of spinning reels and the chance to take home a win without having your eardrums assaulted. The casino game equivalent to a hot mug of cocoa as you chill on the couch.

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