Travel the world with these UK casino slots

Are you in need of a holiday? Winter gloom getting you down? You don’t need to pay for an expensive flight to feel like you’re somewhere sunny – just play these great online casino slots!

For the beach bum

Nothing can beat the feeling of the sun on your skin and the warm sand beneath you as you lie on the beach. There are few experiences as relaxing as that. And the weather is a sight better than the winter cold snap we are currently experiencing!

Step onto a golden beach and watch what the tide brings in on NetEnt’s Beach slot. It may have a simple name but it has certainly made a mark on players looking to sink into beachside bliss, without having to pack all that sunblock.

Travel the world with these UK casino slots

Jungle exploration

If your idea of an exciting holiday involves hiking boots and the liberal application of mosquito repellant, Microgaming has something just for you! Trek into the steamy jungle wilderness with Jungle Jim, as he blazes a trail through the great unknown in search of treasure.

Jungle Jim El Dorado is a slot with heaps of personality and some stunning animation detail and design. It’s all set to transport you away from this dreary winter weather and straight into an adventure!


Travel the world with these UK casino slots

City break slots

Ever feel you need a little more culture in your life? A bit of class? A few priceless masterpieces in your suitcase? This next slot combines the inspiring environs of the City of Lights with a certainly cat burglar’s sticky fingers.

Betsoft’s 3D slots A Night in Paris is a fun (and funny) slot that shows off the game studio’s design prowess and will sate players looking for a game that has an intriguing narrative as well as winning opportunities. Mind that fierce-looking guard dog!


Travel the world with these UK casino slots

Ancient wonders

Wouldn’t it be great if you could combine your exotic holiday with a massive casino win? Yes, we think so too. The perfect solution may just be Mega Moolah Isis.

Combining the symbols and mystique of ancient Egypt with a progressive slot and the potential for a large payout, Mega Moolah Isis will interest virtual tourists who want a taste of one of the most important ancient civilisations.

Travel the world with these UK casino slots

Arctic adventure

There are those among us who actually enjoy the winter – the opportunities for snow sports, the chance to drink copious amounts of whisky in an effort to warm up afterwards, and so on. For players who love the cold weather, we can suggest Arctic Fortune from Microgaming.

You will meet burly Vikings, majestic wolves, hidden treasures and shield maidens galore in Arctic Fortune, which is an exciting foray into the frozen north and even back in time a little bit.

Travel the world with these UK casino slots

Sail the seven seas

Got a parrot that’s feeling bored? Is your captain’s hat collecting dust? It might be time to indulge your piratical side this winter season with a swashbuckling adventure on the high seas. ELK Studios’ title Wild Seas is just the ticket.

Dubloons, tattered flags, fearless pirates and buried treasure make this game a serious contender. Its 178 paylines and exciting gameplay make Wild Seas a great choice for players who want a sunny adventure with an interesting theme thrown in.

Travel the world with these UK casino slots