Whacky and Wonderful – The strangest slot games around

Online casino games are the result of putting technical knowledge together with creative vision. As such, this makes them the perfect platform for game designers and developers to go wild, trying new things when it comes to game features, themes and aesthetics.

If you can think of a theme or subject, chances are that someone has built a game around it. There have been games about history, games about art, crime, travel, emotion, legends and everything in between. Today we are talking about the ones that… don’t quite fit in. The weird games, the ones which make you scratch your head and wonder – how on earth did someone come up with that?!

Cash and Curry by Microgaming

When you think of slots that are related to food, you first thought goes to fruit machines, right? Yeah, me too. Now, that guys over at Microgaming have obviously had enough with that sort of narrow thinking and came up with Cash and Curry, a spicy celebration of gambling and well seasoned cuisine, all packaged up in a 3-reel format.

A simple layout, single payline and a bonus feature make for an otherwise unremarkable game however the name alone is enough to draw a player, even if it is just to behold this unusual creation first-hand.

Planet Exotica by Microgaming

Have you ever felt let out? Lonely? Isolated because of your interests? Well if you’re into space travel, casino games and the seedy intergalactic underworld, Microgaming has just the slot for you.

In a game vaguely reminiscent of Douglas Adams, his hit novel The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy, and Eccentrica Gallumbits, a well-endowed resident of the planet Eroticon Six, players will get to launch themselves into an otherworldly adventure. These reels are populated by alien creatures, with varying numbers of eyes, as well as spacecraft and stacks of cash (presumably Earth currency), at this alien strip club. I’ll let those three words sink in for a moment.

Bonus features include the opportunity to kiss some attractive alien life forms and convince them to disrobe, all the while dodging angry bouncer-type aliens hoping to spoil your fun.

Judge Judy by IGT

First, a disclaimer – this game hasn’t been released online yet but it available as a slot machine in land-based casinos. Still, we figured you would be as interested in this little oddity as we were.

Crossover titles have known plenty of success in the past. Just look at games related to superhero movies like Batman and Superman, for a start. But Judge Judy, that opinionated purveyor of TV’s finest scripted justice, would not have immediately come to mind.

Still, IGT have gone on to gamify the pursuit of truth with this slot. In the bonus game, for example, you decide between plaintiff and defendant, having your wins multiplied if your choice matches Judy’s. Clips of the infamous courtroom are played at different points in the game, really adding to that amazing Judge Judge atmosphere. If you needed a reason to visit a land-based casino, this would be it.

Jenga by Amaya Games

I have to admit, I couldn’t decide if this game is weird, genius or a little bit of both. I mean what better way to attract online gamblers than to offer them a way to enjoy their childhood games in a new way?

This game employs some pretty unusual game mechanics in that there are no reels, only a stack of bricks. Paylines are, by necessity, a little bit more flexible here and the 3D elements of the game are really fun. Watch as the tower wobbles when a load-bearing brick is removed and stacked on top. A really interesting take on an old game!

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