Win a luxurious trip to the Caribbean at Casumo

win a luxurious trip with Casumo

Complete the Casumo Challenge and win a luxurious trip plus cash prizes!

Casumo MissionsIt’s time for another great Casumo Challenge. Join Captain Casumo Sparrow and his crew on their way to an exotic Island. Your job is to complete all the casino missions in the least amount of spins possible. This promotions is only valid between 23 February – 8 March so spins quickly!


How does it work?

If you haven’t played any of the Casumo Challenges before then don’t worry. The rules are really simple. As soon as you log into your account you get to choose between 3 challenge levels: Easy, Medium and Hardcore. The levels are based on bet ranges with the Hardcore level being the highest. Remember you have to choose the Hardcore level in order to win the luxurious trip to the Caribbean.

Once you’ve chosen your Challenge level you can start completing the missions. There are only 11 missions and once you’ve completed one, the next one starts. During the challenge you are awarded with Super Spins (These are super charged free spins that are worth up to €3 per spin) and free cash bonuses.

casumo caribbean trip






How can I see if I’m winning?

There’s a constantly updated leaderboard showing all the players who has completed the challenge and how many spins they’ve completed it in.


Haven’t got an account an Casumo yet? No problem, they offer some great bonuses to get you started. Choose your own welcome package here or read our Casumo review to find out exactly what special bonuses they offer.