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Williams Interactive - The most famous offline slots, now Online!

WMS slots (Williams Interactive) are mostly famous for their offline video slots in casinos. If you've ever been to casinos in Las Vegas you will recognize many of these slots titles such as Zeus, Wizard of Oz Ruby Slippers, Super Jackpot Party and Bruce Lee.

Now WMS has taken their most popular offline slots and put them online for your enjoyment! We've listed the top online casinos offering WMS games and we've also written reviews of their most popular video slots. Check out their casino bonuses below:


These are the top online casinos offering video slots from Williams Interactive.

What You Need to Know About WMS Slots

In the world of online gambling, reputation is king. All companies that have anything to do with online casinos should have a spotless track record if they want to stay in the business for a long time. For game software developers (who are mostly in charge of providing online gambling establishments their games), the stakes are even higher. They have to be in tune with current gaming trends, provide players with an excellent playing experience, and ensure the longevity of their software. This is why most of the popular gaming software development companies today have been in the online business for at least two decades already; they are deeply entrenched in the industry and as such, know exactly the needs and wants of their players.

If it’s reputation your looking for, then look no further than Williams Interactive. While the name is new (in fact, the establishment was founded only in 2012, a relatively young age for a software company), the company behind it is an old player in the world of gambling. Williams Interactive mother company, WMS Industries, has been in the gaming business since 1943, almost half a century than longer than most gaming companies and casinos out there.

They owed its big break to pinball machines. In fact, the owner of the company himself designed the tilt mechanism on pinball machines (this is a system that keeps players from shaking or tilting the machine too excessively). From thereon, the company had also expanded into other gaming avenues, including arcade video games. Some of its most popular arcade titles include NBA Jam, Mortal Kombat, Defender, Stargate, 2084, and Sinistar.

WMS finally entered the slot market in the mid-1990s. Their first reel-spinning machine offerings were huge successes, owing to the fact that most of them incorporated familiar names and trademarks including their own games like Defender and Stargate. One of the companies most successful slots games from this period include Reel ‘Em In, Filthy Rich and Jackpot Party. This was followed by another round of success in the early 2000s, when WMS bravely incorporated huge names like The Wizard of Oz, Lord of the Rings, Star Trek, and Men In Black in their slots games.

Fast forward to 2012, WMS Industries founded Williams Interactive to take care of the online aspect of the slots business. More and more people are trying their hands out at online gaming, and slots games are among the most in-demand casino games on the Internet. This new company was formed from the merger of game developers Jadestone Group AB (from Sweden) and Phantom EFX (from Iowa). Williams Interactive then released its first slots offering called Jackpot Party Casino on Facebook, which enjoyed a bit of a loyal playerbase on the social network. Another current crowdpleaser is the company’s Zeus series of videos lots. The games current iteration, Zeus III, is notable for incorporating a lot of innovative gameplay features that you can’t find in any other slot game. For example, the reels are laid out in a sideways pyramid fashion, and the symbols provide a higher rate of bonuses than what other slot games can offer.

Should You Play WMS Slots Games?

If you see that a particular slots game is developed by Williams Interactive, thenc feel free to spin away knowing that your game was developed by one of the best companies in the industry. Its fascinating to see how WMS had easily jumped into the online realm. The company’s impressive online offerings must have stemmed from the its nearly seventy years of existence in the gaming industry, which would have equipped it with the knowledge of knowing how to cater to an ever changing player base. WMS games are simple yet innovative. They are familiar enough that old players wouldn’t feel alienated, but they are creative, innovative and chock-full of new features so that newer and younger players of the social media generation won’t feel bored. WMS has stuck with the principles they have nurtured over their years, and this have worked well for them in the end.

So, if you want to play a slot game online, make sure its from Williams Interactive. You can’t find any other gaming company better than this one. You won’t regret it.

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